System Requirements for Online Courses – Athens State University

System Requirements for Online Courses

The following comprehensive system requirements are the recommended minimum computer specifications for taking courses online at Athens State University, where you will be using a number of integrated educational software delivery services, including Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Collaborate™, McGraw-Hill Tegrity®, and Respondus LockDown Browser™, among others.

Hardware Requirements

  • Macintosh OS X(10.8/10.9/10.10) or Windows PC(7/8/8.1)
  • 2GB RAM (4GB RAM or more is highly recommended)
  • 25MB of available permanent hard-drive space
  • Screen resolution set to 1280×1024
  • Broadband/high-speed Internet access
    (dial-up Internet access is not recommended)
  • Webcam
  • Soundcard with microphone and headphones
    (headset is recommended)

Please note: Google Chromebook is not supported.

Browser Compatibility

It is very important that you use a certified or compatible internet browser when using Blackboard Learn™ so that all course content and the course tools display properly. The very latest editions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome should work fine in most cases. We recommend installing multiple browsers for use with our technologies, especially if one results in an error message, you can try using a different browser before calling support. Please refer to the following link to ensure that your specific browser is indeed compatible with and supported by our course tools:

Browser Plug-ins

At times, you may be required to view and listen to instructional content within your course which require additional software to be installed. For example, your instructor may upload an audio file for you to listen to, or post a video clip for you to watch. The browser you currently use to access Blackboard Learn™ may not always have the required software (“plug-in”) installed to properly view or play such files. Run a quick browser test to ensure that your browser has the most commonly used plug-ins already installed.

Additional Browser Configuration Considerations

Respondus LockDown Browser™

If your instructors require the use of Respondus LockDown Browser™ for taking exams online, this software must be downloaded from our website and installed onto your computer prior to taking an online test. We recommend that you download and install Respondus LockDown Browser™ at the beginning of the semester, prior to taking your first online exam. Review the system requirements before installation, and refer to these instructions for how to take your exam using Respondus LockDown Browser™.

System Requirements for Additional Online Tools

Your instructors may elect to use a number of additional software services within your courses for online delivery. Please refer to the system requirements below for each of the services your instructors require you to access within your courses: