Department Clubs


Accounting Club

Student Chapter, Institute for Management Accountants (IMA)
The Accounting Club, through its affiliation with the IMA, strives to create a vibrant organizational community for students majoring in the business fields. The Club provides students with the tools to compete effectively in the professional business community through education and networking opportunities and community and university involvement while building a framework of highly ethical behavior. For more information contact Stacie Hughes at 256-216-5373 or Emily Corzine at 256-216-5386.

Accounting Club Website

American Production and Inventory Control Society

APICS, the educational society for resource management, is an international organization offering a full range of programs and materials on the latest business management concepts and techniques. APICS is open to all students. For information contact Dr. Michael Essary or call (256) 216-5376.

Art Club

The Athens State University Art Club sponsors events and programs to inform students, faculty and staff, and the community about the arts and involve all interested persons in artistic activities. Membership is open to the public. For more information contact Gail Bergeron or call (256) 260-4297.

Athens State Teacher Ambassador Club

The Athens State Teacher Ambassador Club serves as a support network for members and promotes the development of 21st century skill sets for teachers. The Ambassador Club advances TEACH: Technology, Education, and Change. For more information contact Wendy Cowan or call (256) 216-6643.

Behavioral Science Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide students interested in the behavioral sciences an avenue for expanding their knowledge in psychology and sociology while providing a sense of identity for the majors. Students will be afforded opportunities for professional development, intellectual discussions of social issues, and exploring applied aspects of the field. For more information contact Susan Owen.

Criminal Justice Student Association

Members of the CJSA are undergraduate students and alumni who are studying criminal justice or who are considered credible practitioners in the criminal justice field and are affiliated with Athens State University. All members must maintain high standards, and exemplary moral and ethical behavior. For more information contact Dr. Quanda Stevenson or call (256) 233-6515.

CJSA Website

Health and Physical Education Club

The Health and Physical Education Club is open to all students pursuing majors or minors in health, physical education, wellness, and related programs. The purpose of this organization is to develop leadership, scholarship, and professional awareness in all members. Members may also join the state or national organizations in order to attend and make presentations at state, regional, or national conferences. For more information contact Dr. Yvette Bolen or call (256) 216-6626.

Health and Science Career Club

The purpose of the Health and Science Career Club is to promote interest in the field of science, provide educational and training opportunities in the health and science fields, and provide opportunities for participation in co-operative and volunteer work in health and science professions. The Club sponsors group hikes, presentations, tours of facilities, and community service activities. For more information contact Dr. Larry Covick  or call (256) 233-6521 or Dr. Chris Otto or call (256) 233-6554.

Mathematics and Computer Science Club

Students majoring in any discipline, and especially those majoring in mathematics or computer science are encouraged to participate in the MACS Club. Traditionally, the club members assist with one of the largest music festivals held in the Southeast hosted by the University, raise funds to contribute to worthwhile causes and aspire to raise awareness of the importance of mathematics. Occasionally, MACS members enjoy group visits to local industries or space flight agencies. For more information contact Dr. Derek Newland or call (256) 233-6553.

MACS Website

Pre-Law Society

An organization for students interested in law school or legal careers. For more information contact Jeff Blankenship or call (256) 233-6518.

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management is the leading voice of the HR profession. The Athens State Student Chapter allows students to gain access to an immense information resource at the local, regional, state, and national level, and to have opportunities to meet HR practitioners so as to develop personal contacts and networks. The organization also offers professional development workshops, access to HR conferences, and creates visibility for recruitment for HR internships and permanent HR opportunities. For more information contact Gary Valcana or call (256) 216-5374.

SHRM Website

Student Alabama Education Association

The Athens State SAEA is an organization open to all students majoring in programs offered by the College of Education. The SAEA is a division of the Alabama Education Association and the National Education Association (NEA), and offers opportunities for personal growth, supportive friendships, and liability insurance for preservice teachers. For more information contact Dr. Johnnie Lundin or call (256) 216-6618.