Fiddler’s Convention
I wish to thank Professor Dave Fitzsimmons, Dr. Derek Newland and Professor Patsy Glaze for their efforts working with our contracted vendor who provided the best hot dogs during the 2011 Fiddler’s Convention. Furthermore, I want to especially thank those members of the MACS club who contributed with their time and energy in making this fund-raiser the success that it was.
Dr. Ronald Merritt

Miss e and Mathman at MACS Halloween TableHalloween MACS Table
See Mathman and his sidekick, Miss e, in the photo to the right. They represented MACS well on October 31, 2011.





This past year around Halloween we had a booth at the SGA campus cookout; the jelly bean jar was a hit that day as well as the hand-carved pumpkins. Ashley Avans was awarded for her pumpkin with “PI” carved into it. Professor Fitzsimmons’ daughter entered a pumpkin cat. We had other successful accomplishments for the community such as our MACS can drive for Thanksgiving (including canned Ham) which was appreciated by several needy families.

We had a successful Fiddlers fund raiser that could be a start toward a scholarship or some other use for the Club in the years to come as we continue to fortify that fund.

MACS sponsored one of our own member’s last year in the Liz Hurley run, a really good cause.

Of course, unusual winter storms and the havoc wrought by the historic tornado outbreak of April 27, 2011 impeded much of the anticipated spring semester activities.