Action Plans


  • Visit former two-year college chapters to describe the opportunities available at Athens State University
  • Write letters and make telephone calls to prospective two-year college transfer students
  • Assist with any transfer student orientation
  • Offer campus tours to Phi Theta Kappans visiting the campus of Athens State University
  • Provide tutorial assistance to other Phi Theta Kappa members
  • Host a transfer student social at the beginning of each semester
  • Host a faculty reception to expose the transferring members to their faculty members and expose faculty members to the high quality of the transfer student
  • Display Athens State recruiting materials during regional and international meetings of Phi Theta Kappa
  • Meet with the appropriate administrators on campus to determine the work necessary to advertise and support the Phi Theta Kappa designated transfer scholarships
  • Provide a mentor program assigning new Phi Theta Kappans with another member with the same major
  • Raise the necessary funds which will allow members to attend regional and international meetings of Phi Theta Kappa