Connor Bevill Named Intern Student of the Year

July 12, 2018

Connor BevillConnor Bevill, a Logistics and Supply Chain Management student, was recently named the Athens State University Intern Student of the Year. Bevill was offered an internship in July 2017 with DRS Technologies, and he will continue to intern there until his graduation in December 2018.

“The work experience at DRS has shown me the importance of prioritizing and meeting critical deadlines,” states Bevill. “Material is required on site all over the U.S. to ensure the delivery to soldiers in the fields. It has shown me that all pieces are required and if anything is missing that would be very critical to soldiers, it could be life or death.”

Tommy Tipton, Bevill’s Supervisor at DRS Technologies, praised Bevill’s work saying, “Mr. Bevill is an individual with a passion for supporting the Warfighter and a logistician who has clearly demonstrated exemplary dedication by working additional hours to meet program requirements, delivering outstanding teamwork, and being a strategic thinker within the U. S Army and logistics arena.”

Bevill has been a part of the Athenian Ambassadors since 2016. As the Athens State University Intern Student of the Year, Bevill will be awarded a $100 gift card and Recognition Certificate, with a letter from Athens State President Dr. Glenn.