Course Services

Re-Design vs Review

Course RedesignCourse Review
Process:A redesign takes a course and builds it from the ground upA review takes an existing course that is currently being taught and offers suggestions for improvement
Avg. Time:One Semester2 to 3 Weeks
Labor:Requires an extensive time commitment from the faculty member1 to 2 Hours for Face-to-Face Review
# of Requests:ATS can only accommodate 1 redesign during the spring and fall semestersATS can accommodate multiple course reviews per semester
Assistance:ATS personnel assist in the design, development, delivery, and maintenance of the courseATS personnel review the course and make suggestions, but it is up to the faculty member whether or not to use the suggestions

For faculty members that complete the Course Redesign process, ATS will offer assistance in submitting the redesigned course for national awards and recognition if so desired by the faculty member.