Course Redesigns

A course redesign is a process in which ATS personnel assist you in building one of your courses from the ground up. The process starts with a blank course shell and eventually grows into a ready to launch course after an exhaustive collaborative effort between a faculty member and the ATS staff.

How Long Does the Process Take:
Once started, a course redesign usually takes a full semester to complete (although it could be longer depending on the course content). Time commitments from the faculty member include a 2-hour meeting schedule every other week during the semester the course is being developed. Additionally, tasks may need to be completed by the instructor in between the scheduled meetings.

What Are the Benefits:
There are a number of benefits associated with going through the course redesign process. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased student satisfaction
  • Increased enjoyment teaching the course
  • Reduced maintenance time between semesters
  • Enhanced technical support (during and after the process)

Overall, most of the comments received regarding the redesign process suggest that the initial redesign is challenging and labor intensive, but the end product is well-worth all the effort put into it.

Below are a few quotes from faculty that have completed the course redesign process:

How Do I Sign Up for a Course Redesign:
Currently, ATS is only able to offer course redesign assistance to one course in the fall and the spring semesters. Consequently, it is important to register and start the process early.

To register for a course redesign, simply send an email with the subject line of Course Redesign. You MUST submit the ticket using your Athens State University email account. In the body of the email, be sure to put the following information:

  • Course Name
  • Type of Course (Traditional, Hybrid, Distance)
  • Previous Semester Taught and CRN (if applicable)
  • Average number of students in the course (for student-student interaction purposes)

Upon submitting your ticket, an ATS representative will review the information and contact you. In most cases, course redesigns will be honored in a first come, first serve basis. However, in special cases, a particular course may be worked on first. In these cases, all of the affected parties will be informed.