University Accessible Technology and Information Plan

The Accessible Technology and Information (ATI) Committee, comprised of faculty, ADA, Disability Services, and technical staff, was appointed by the President in Fall 2016.  The ATI committee carried out a preliminary assessment of university digital content accessibility and developed recommendations to address the issues found through a detailed plan for raising awareness, implementing solutions, and the ongoing review of digital content.

The committee identified four primary areas that will require modifications of content in order to meet WCAG 2.0 standards:

  1. website
  2. Audio/video recordings
  3. Document files
  4. Online course content

The Plan

  1. Identify Technology Based Solutions
    1. Site Improve, a website governance product that assists organizations with website quality, accessibility, and analytics.  Purchased and implemented August 2016
    2. The Docsoft appliance was reviewed by the committee and was recommended for purchase to do onsite audio/video recording transcription/closed captioning.
      Planned purchase April 2017
      Planned implementation May 2017
      Planned training of faculty & transcription/captioning of existing recordings set to begin late May/June 2017
    3. Ally, a software application that runs within Blackboard, will provide guidance to faculty on WCAG 2.0 requirements as course content is developed.
      Planned implementation May 2017
      Planned training of faculty & product availability May/June 2017
    4. Microsoft Office Accessibility resources include numerous tools available within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that provide guidance to individuals on how to modify documents to meet accessibility requirements.
      Planned implementation immediate because the resources are readily available
  1. Allocate Staff Resources
    1. Academic Technology Services staff members will implement and manage Docsoft and Ally.
      Planned implementation beginning May/June 2017
    2. Academic Technology Services staff will also provide training options for faculty and staff on TI accessibility and the use of DocSoft and Ally as well as other TI accessible techniques and information.
      Planned implementation May 2017
  1. Raise Awareness and Develop TI Accessibility Knowledge
    1. A policy has been drafted titled: Accessible Technology and Information Policy and is undergoing the review process. This policy will provide a unified position on digital content accessibility requirements.
    2. Share useful information for faculty and staff to use in the evaluation and modification of digital documents using the WCAG 2.0 standards. A guide with several resources on TI accessibility has been developed for the campus community titled: Athens State University Accessible Technology and Information Guide.
      Communications began March 2017
    3. Establish a web page that focuses on TI accessibility and includes numerous resources and information (
      Established April 2017
    4. Meet with individuals, departments, colleges, and the university to communicate this plan.
      Began March 2017
  1. Ongoing Review and Continuous Improvement
    1. Update TI Accessibility plan based on needs and new information gained through the use of the tools and as awareness is raised.
    2. Ongoing communication through the website, e-mail,
    3. Review and adjustment based on feedback from faculty and staff