Alphabetical Listing – Athens State University

Alphabetical Listing

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Chad Adams
Chad AdamsPlumber/Electrician256-216-5341Maintenance BuildingContact Me
Sabrina Adams
Sabrina AdamsCollege of Business Administrative Support256-216-5356Sanders HallContact Me
Laura Allen
Laura AllenCoordinator, Student Employment Programs256-233-8142The Village—Building 2 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Mary Aquila
Mary AquilaReference and Instruction Librarian/Instructor of Bibliography256-216-6651LibraryContact Me


Deshanda Bailey
Deshanda BaileySecretary, Field Experience & Internship: Teacher Education Services256-216-6620McCain Hall, Room 104Contact Me
Debra Baird
Dr. Debra BairdProfessor of Religious Studies256-233-6571Founders Hall, Room 206Contact Me
Julie Barnett
Julie Spurgeon BarnettSecretary to the Dean, College of Education256-216-6604McCain Hall Room 111Contact Me
Ladoris Baugh
Dr. LaDoris BaughProfessor of Business Administration & Department Chair256-216-5354Sanders Hall - Room 313Contact Me
Mitchell Bazzel
Mitchell BazzelDirector of Student Financial Aid256-233-8122The Village—Building 3 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Dr. Kim Bell
Kimberly BellDirector, Center for Lifelong Learning
Assistant Professor of Management w/ Statistics
256-233-8261121 S. Marion St. (CLL)
Sanders Hall Room 204 (Campus)
">Contact Me
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Cindy Beresh-BryantHuman Resources Management Professor256-216-5377Sanders Hall, Room 113Contact Me
Letitia Snow
Dr. Letitia BergantzAssistant Professor, Instructional Design(256) 216-6619McCain Hall - Room 208Contact Me
Gail Bergeron
Gail BergeronProfessor of Art256-260-4297Alabama Center for the Arts - Room 115Contact Me
John Berzett
Dr. John BerzettAssistant Professor of Accounting256-216-5385Sanders Hall, Room 303Contact Me
Rochelle Biffle
Rochelle BiffleAMSTI-ASIM Secondary Science Specialist256-233-6579AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Lauren Blacklidge
Lauren BlacklidgeMarketing & Communications Professional(256) 233-8189 Smith HouseContact Me
Jeff Blankenship
Dr. Jeff BlankenshipAssistant Professor of Public Administration256-233-6510Founders Hall, Room 335Contact Me
Tonyia Bowling
Tonyia BowlingExecutive Assistant to the VP for University Advancement256-233-8183Grey House | 307 N Beaty St.Contact Me
Kim Braden
Kimberly BradenExecutive Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment & Student Support Services256-233-8175The Village—Building 6 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Pat Bradford
Patricia BradfordChief Accountant / Operations Manager, ACA256-260-4293Alabama Center for Arts - Room 125Contact Me
Amanda Branscombe
Dr. Amanda BranscombeAssociate Professor of Early Childhood Education/Associate Professor of Secondary English Education256-216-6633Founders Hall Room 202Contact Me
Dr. Chet Breaux
Dr. Chet BreauxWriting Center Director256-216-6670Writing Center - LibraryContact Me
Cathy Brett
Cathy BrettCoordinator of Institutional Research256-233-8101McCandless Hall Room 212Contact Me
Pam Bridges
Pam BridgesA.T.S. Help Desk Support256-216-6698Waters Hall - S202Contact Me
Lisa Hyde
Dr. Lisa BrizendineAssociate Professor of Elementary Education & English Language Learner (ELL)256-216-6636McCain Hall Room 114Contact Me
David Brown
W. David BrownAssistant Vice President for University Development256-233-8187Grey House | 307 N Beaty St.Contact Me
Joe Bullington
Joe BullingtonAir Conditioning and Electrical256-216-5340Physical PlantContact Me
Paula Bullington
Paula BullingtonDeputy Facilities Officer256-216-5342Physical PlantContact Me
Jennifer Bunnell
Jennifer BunnellDirector of Alabama Center for the Arts256-260-4299Alabama Center for the Arts - Room 121Contact Me
Jennifer Burgreen
Jennifer BurgreenAlabama Science in Motion Biology Materials Assistant, Part-timeAMSTIContact Me
Dr. Robert Burkhardt
Dr. Robert BurkhardtBicentennial Office256-216-6671Waters Hall, Room S103-BContact Me
Emily McGahee
Emily BurtonAMSTI- Elementary Specialist256-233-6580AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Sean Busick
Dr. Sean BusickProfessor of History256-233-6512Founders Hall, Room 337Contact Me
Jana Byrd
Jana ByrdAMSTI Elementary Specialist, K & 1st256-233-6566AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me


Curtis Cagle
Curtis CagleClassroom Technology Specialist to Academic Technology Services256-216-6676Waters Hall - S203EContact Me
Bethany Campbell
Bethany CampbellAdmissions Advisor256-233-8168The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Wanda Campbell
Wanda CampbellAssistant Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning256-233-8260121 S. Marion StreetContact Me
Carolyn Carthen
Carolyn CarthenVeterans Educational Assistance Advisor256-233-8271The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Bridgette Chandler
Dr. Bridgette ChandlerAssociate Professor of Career and Technical Education256-216-6613McCain Hall Room 201">Contact Me
Juliana Cislo
Juliana CisloADA Accessibility Specialist256-233-8143McCandless Hall - Room 16Contact Me
Joy Hamilton Clark
Joy Hamilton ClarkAccounting Clerk256-216-3312Founders Hall, Room 108Contact Me
Pamela Clark
Pamela ClarkSecretary, Office of Institutional Assessment and Research (OIRA)256-233-8108McCandless Hall - Room 204Contact Me
Steve Clark
Steve ClarkAssociate Director Academic Technology Services and Administrator, Instructional Systems256-233-6586Waters Hall, Room S303BContact Me
Phyllis Claxton
Phyllis ClaxtonHuman Resources Employment Specialist256-216-3311Founders Hall, Room 107Contact Me
Sara Cline
Dr. Sara ClineAssistant Professor of Biology256-233-6507Waters Hall - S303AContact Me
Kenneith Collins
Kenneith CollinsPublications Specialist256-233-8292Sandridge Student CenterContact Me
Brett Constable
Brett ConstableSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Becky Cornelius
Becky CorneliusAMSTI Secondary Math Specialist256-233-6581AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Malcolm Cort
Dr. Malcolm CortProfessor of Sociology256-233-6509Founders Hall, Room 305Contact Me
Emily Corzine
Emily CorzineAssociate Professor of Accounting256-216-5386Sanders Hall Room 318Contact Me
Dakota Cotton
Dakota CottonUniversity Archivist256-216-6663LibraryContact Me
Larry Covick
Dr. Larry CovickAssociate Professor of Chemistry256-233-6521Waters Hall, Room S-303EContact Me
Wendy Cowan
Dr. Wendy CowanProfessor of Education & Department Chair256-216-6643McCain Hall Room 207Contact Me
Jerry Crabtree
Jerry CrabtreeChief of Security256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Jonathon Craft
Jonathan CraftBusiness Manager / Assistant Vice President for Finance(256) 216-3310Founders HallContact Me
Tim Crafton
Tim CraftonCoordinator of Computer Support Services256-216-6678Chasteen Hall, Room 103Contact Me
Crystal Creekmore
Crystal CreekmoreAssistant Vice President for Enrollment Management256-233-8174The Village—Building 6 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Helen Marks Crider
Helen Marks CriderHanceville Off-Campus Center Manager / Communications Plan Manager256-352-8090Wallace State - Hanceville CenterContact Me
Nancy Croomes
Nancy CroomesSupport Staff, Center for Lifelong Learning256-233-8260Center for Lifelong LearningContact Me
Glynice Crow
Dr. Glynice CrowAssistant Professor of Management(256) 216-5370Sanders Hall - Room 205Contact Me
Jasmine Crutcher
Jasmine CrutcherAdmissions Advisor / Recruiter(256) 233-8164 The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)Contact Me


William Davis
Dr. William DavisAssistant Professor of Health and Physical Education256-216-6635McCain Hall, Room 202Contact Me
Shelia Davis
Sheila DavisTranscript Evaluator256-233-8152Carter Center, Room 106Contact Me
Barry Devine
Barry DeVineTransfer Counselor for College of Arts & Sciences256-233-8277The Village—Building 5 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Dr. Joe Delap
Dr. Joe DelapProvost/Vice President for Academic Affairs256-233-8109 McCandless Hall, Room 304Contact Me
Tim Dempsey
Tim DempseyDirector of Prospect Management(256)233-8182Grey House | 307 N Beaty St.Contact Me
Trish Dilullo
Trish DiLulloUniversity Testing Center Coordinator256-233-6540Chasteen HallContact Me
Janet Dorning
Dr. Janet DorningProfessor of Psychology 256-233-6535Founders Hall, Room 307Contact Me
Finee Downing
Finee DowningAssistant Professor of Elementary Education(256) 216-6606 McCain Hall, Room 219Contact Me
Robin Downs
Robin DownsPainter256-216-5340Physical PlantContact Me
Steve Downs
Steve DownsMaintenance / Property Management Clerk256-216-5341Physical PlantContact Me
Kim Dunnavant
Kimberly DunnavantStudent Success Coach256-233-8276Student Success CenterContact Me
Kevin Dupre
Dr. Kevin DupreProfessor of English256-233-6528Founders Hall, Room 207Contact Me
Mark Durm
Dr. Mark DurmProfessor of Psychology256-233-6501Founders Hall, Room 227Contact Me


Dennis Engle
Dennis EngleAMSTI Assistant Director & Secondary Specialist256-233-6582AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Frank Eskridge
Frank EskridgeEnrollment Advisor / Recruiter256-233-8162The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Mike Essary
Dr. Michael EssaryProfessor of Management of Technology256-216-5376Sanders Hall, Room 303Contact Me
Donald Evans
Donald EvansGroundskeeper256-216-5340Physical PlantContact Me


Barbara Ferguson
Barbara FergusonExecutive Assistant to the Vice President for Financial Affairs256-216-3304Founders Hall, Room 109Contact Me
Debbie Ferguson
Dr. Debbie FergusonProf. of Special Edu. & Curriculum and Instruction256-216-6627McCain Hall Room 215
Dr. Keith Ferguson
Dr. Keith FergusonVice President for University Advancement256-233-8215Grey House | 307 N Beaty St.Contact Me
Dave Fitzsimmons
Dave FitzsimmonsAssistant Professor of Computer Networking256-233-6543Waters Hall, Room N103A
Lynn Frank
Lynn FrankOnline Instructional Designer256-216-6681Waters Hall, Room S303DContact Me
Callie Frazer
Callie FrazerSecretary, Teacher Education Services256-216-6625McCain HallContact Me
Dr. Ron Fritze
Dr. Ronald FritzeProfessor of History256-233-6524Founders Hall, Room 231Contact Me
Russell Frye
Russell FryeDigital Communications Manager & Salesforce Administrator256-216-6686Smith HouseContact Me
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Kelly FussellSecurity Guard256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me


James Gadberry
Dr. James GadberryAssociate Professor of Sociology256-233-6539Founders Hall, Room 306Contact Me
Mark Gale
Dr. Mark GaleDirector, Academic Technology Services & Instructional Designer256-233-6588McCain Hall, Room 206Contact Me
Jameha Gardner
Dr. Jameha GardnerAssociate Professor of Education – Elementary Reading Specialist256-216-6634McCain Hall Room 206Contact Me
Vicki Gatlin
Vicki GatlinCoffee Shop Operator256-216-6247Sandridge Student Center
Jeff Gentilcore
Jeffrey GentilcoreSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Bud Gifford
Bud GiffordAssistant Director, Information Technology Services / Systems and Network Operations256-216-6677Founders Hall, Room 285Contact Me
Jamie Gilbert
Jamie GilbertAssistant Professor of Health and Physical Education256-216-6640McCain Hall, Room 214Contact Me
Patsy Glaze
Patsy GlazeAssistant Professor of Mathematics256-233-6503Waters Hall, Room S203CContact Me
Howard Goff
Howard GoffMEP Supervisor (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)256-216-5344Physical PlantContact Me
Brent Gooch
Brent GoochCarpenter256-216-5340Physical PlantContact Me
Jackie Gooch
Jackie GoochSpecial Assistant to the President for Board Relations & Policy Analyst256-233-8211McCandless Hall, Room 308Contact Me
Tedi Gordon
Dr. Tedi GordonAssociate Professor of Education256-216-6609McCain Hall Room 117Contact Me
Jeffrey Guenther
Jeffrey GuentherDirector of Institutional Research and Assessment256-233-8116McCandless HallContact Me


Mike Haghighi
Dr. Mike HaghighiProfessor of Management with emphasis in MIS256-216-5384Sanders Hall, Room 209Contact Me
Ashley Haley
Ashley HaleyEnrollment Center Advisor(256) 233-8169Enrollment Center - McCain Hall - BasementContact Me
Courtney Hamilton
Courtney HamiltonTechnology in Motion Instructional Specialist(256) 233-6572AMSTI Building - Hwy 31 SContact Me
Diann Hammon
Dr. Diann HammonAssistant Professor of Accounting256-216-5360Sanders Hall, Room 315Contact Me
Amy Hardiman
Amy HardemanComputer Support Technician256-216-6687Founders Hall, Room 292Contact Me
Morgan Hargrove
Morgan HargroveComputer Operations Technician256-216-6696Waters Hall, S202Contact Me
Trevor Harris
Trevor HarrisSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Nikole Hatton
Nikole HattonFinancial Aid Operations Specialist / Advisor256-233-8122The Village—Building 3 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Necedah Henderson
Necedah HendersonStudent Activities256-233-8153Classroom Building, Room 105Contact Me
Leigh Hester
Dr. Leigh HesterAssistant Professor of Secondary Science Education256-216-6615Founders Hall, Room 215Contact Me
Tracy Hicks
Tracy HicksPublications Manager256-233-8293Sandridge Student CenterContact Me
Robert Hilley
Robert HilleyAMSTI Materials Assistant256-233-6596AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Rosemary Hodges
Dr. Rosemary HodgesCollege of Education Interim Dean256-216-6608McCain Hall Room 112Contact Me
Greg Holliday
Dr. Greg HollidayRegistrar256-233-8106Carter Center Room 201Contact Me
Katherine Kandalec
Dr. Katherine Kandalec HolmAssistant Professor of Career and Technical Education(256) 216-6605 McCain Hall, Room 204">Contact Me
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Jesse HoltGroundskeeper – General MaintenanceMaintenance BuildingContact Me
Tina Hooks
Tina H. HooksExecutive Assistant to the VP for Academic Affairs256-233-8112McCandless Hall, Room 303Contact Me
Gary Huckaby
Dr. Gary HuckabyAssistant Professor of Management256-216-5382Sanders Hall, Room 204Contact Me
Jesse Hudgins
Jesse HudginsPublications Clerk/Courier256-233-8294Sandridge Student CenterContact Me
Stacie Hughes
Stacie HughesAssociate Professor of Accounting & Department Chair256-216-5373Sanders Hall, Room 315Contact Me
Wanda Hutchinson
Dr. Wanda HumphreyProfessor of Education256-216-6624McCain Hall, Room 218Contact Me


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Dr. Ronald IngleInterim University PresidentFounders HallContact Me


Kimberly Jack
Dr. Kimberly JackAssistant Professor of English256-216-6632Founders Hall, Rm 205Contact Me
Mallory Jackson
Mallory JacksonFaculty Support Services, College of Business256-216-5351Sanders HallContact Me
Beth Rice
Beth JenkinsStudent Success Coach(256) 233-8159The Village—Building 4 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Donnie Johns
Donnie JohnsSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security OfficeContact Me
Mary Beth Johns
Dr. Mary Beth JohnsAssistant Professor, Visual Art Education256-260-4291Alabama Center for the Arts - Room 309Contact Me
Nicki Johns
Nicki JohnsAssistant Director, Information Technology Services for Management Information Systems (MIS)256-216-6682Founders Hall Room 296Contact Me
Jeff Johnson
Jeff JohnsonAssistant Professor of Management256-216-5368Sanders Hall, Room 213Contact Me
Harry Joiner
Dr. Harry JoinerProfessor of International Commerce and Political Science256-233-6529Founders Hall, Room 327Contact Me


Katherine Kandalec
Dr. Katherine Kandalec HolmAssistant Professor of Career and Technical Education(256) 216-6605 McCain Hall, Room 204">Contact Me
Debbie Keiley
Dr. Debbie KeileyAssistant Professor of Education, Special Education256-216-6629McCain Hall, Room 210
Pamela Keller
Pamela KellerProfessor of Art256-260-4296Alabama Center for the Arts - Room 315Contact Me
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Ronda KellySecretary, College of Arts and Sciences256-233-6504Contact Me
Bryan Kennedy
Dr. Bryan KennedyProfessor of Business256-216-5363Sanders Hall Room 215Contact Me
Jim Kerner
Dr. Jim KernerProfessor of Management & Department Chair256-216-5355Sanders Hall, Room 118Contact Me
Laura Lynn Kerner
Laura Lynn KernerAssociate Professor of Marketing and Management256-216-5375Sanders Hall, Rm 221Contact Me
Robby King
Robby KingLibrary Support Specialist (Circulation)(256) 216-6662LibraryContact Me
Belinda Krigel
Belinda KrigelChief Information Officer/Associate VP for Academic Affairs256-233-8104McCandless Hall, Room 301Contact Me
Regina Kyle
Regina KyleOutreach Coordinator, Center for Lifelong Learning(256) 233-8260Center for Lifelong LearningContact Me


Dr. Kim Lafevor
Dr. Kim LaFevorDean of College of Business and Professor of Business256-216-5359Sanders Hall, Room 107Contact Me
Damon Lares
Damon LaresSystems Administrator256-216-6679Founders Hall, Room 292Contact Me
Chris Latham
Chris LathamDirector of Public Relations, Marketing & Publications256-233-8291Smith HouseContact Me
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Steve LavenderAMSTI Materials Assistant (part-time, temporary)(256) 216-6622AMSTI Building - Hwy 31 SContact Me
Kelly Leigeber
Kelly LeigeberAccounting Clerk256-216-3301Founders Hall, Room 108Contact Me
Adam Lewis
Dr. Adam LewisAssistant Professor of Computer Science256-233-6505Waters HallContact Me
Carrie Lin
Carrie LinAMSTI Director / ASIM Principal Investigator256-233-6573AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Will Little
Will LittleCarpenter256-216-5340Physical PlantContact Me
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Kristy LiverettField Experience and Internship Coordinator256-216-6630McCain HallContact Me
Dr. Hugh Long
Dr. Hugh LongAssistant Professor of Drama & English256-260-3006Alabama Center for the Arts, Phase II, Rm 207Contact Me
Jay Looney
Jay LooneySecurity Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Chelsea Love
Chelsea LoveAdvancement Operations & Alumni Relations Officer256-233-8188Grey House | 307 N Beaty St.Contact Me
Cynthia Lovelace
Dr. Cynthia LovelaceAssistant Professor of Logistics(256) 216-5361 Sanders HallContact Me
Gina Lovett
Gina LovettDesk Clerk / Records Office Assistant256-233-8165Carter Center, Room 106Contact Me
Sara Lowman
Sarah LowmanAlabama Science-in-Motion Biology Specialist256-233-6577AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Johnnie Lundin
Dr. Johnnie LundinAssistant Professor, Elementary Generalist, Department Chair256-216-6618McCain Hall Room 222Contact Me


Julie MArtin
Julie MartinSecurity Administrative Specialist/Coordinator256-233-8225Founders HallContact Me
Katia Mayfield
Katia MayfieldAssistant Professor of Math & Computer Science256-233-6526Waters Hall - S103CContact Me
Patty Maze
Patty MazeDirector, Athens State University Regional In-Service Education Center256-233-6574AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Sarah McAbee
Sarah McAbeeVice President for Enrollment and Student Support Services256-233-8172The Village—Building 7 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Wayne McCain
Dr. Wayne McCainProfessor of the Management of Technology256-216-5369Sanders Hall, Room 311Contact Me
Billy McClain
Billy McClainGroundskeeper Supervisor256-216-5340Physical PlantContact Me
Mike McCoy
Mike McCoyVice President for Financial Affairs256-216-3303Founders Hall, Room 110Contact Me
Gary McCullors
Gary McCullorsDirector of Information Technology / Information Security Officer256-216-6680Founders Hall, Room 295Contact Me
Elaine McGill
Elaine McGillSecretary, Teacher Education Services256-216-6639McCain Hall Room 101Contact Me
Jowanda Cobb
Jowanda McNeilRecords Assistant256-233-8166Carter Center, Room 106Contact Me
Carla McPeters
Carla McPetersAlabama Science-in-Motion Physics Specialist(256) 233-6575In-Service CenterContact Me
Morgan Meadows
Morgan MeadowsPayroll Associate/Accounting Clerk256-216-3307Business Office - Founders HallContact Me
Dr. Ronald Merrit
Dr. Ronald MerrittAssistant Vice President for Academic Affairs256-233-6527Waters Hall, Room S203AContact Me
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Carey MilesSecurity Guard256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Debra Miller
Debra MillerDatabase Administrator256-216-6683Founders Hall, Room 297Contact Me
Dr. Vanessa Miller
Dr. Vanessa MillerAssistant Professor of Psychology256-233-6520Founders Hall - Room 308Contact Me
Saralyn Mitchell
Saralyn MitchellDirector of Career Counseling Services & Cooperative Education256-233-8146The Village—Building 2 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
John Moore
John MooreInstructor of Management(256) 216-5377 Sanders HallContact Me
Nancy Morgan
Nancy MorganHuman Resources Classification and Compensation Specialist256-216-3315Founders Hall, Business OfficeContact Me
Nancy Morris
Nancy MorrisCustodian256-216-5341Physical Plant
Chris Moss
Christopher MossPlumber/Electrician256-216-5340Physical PlantContact Me
Dr. Tony Moyers
Dr. Tony MoyersProfessor of Religion and Philosophy & Department Chair256-233-6514Founders Hall, Room 331Contact Me
Felicia Mucci
Felicia MucciDirector for Adult Degree Completion Program256-233-8281Chasteen HallContact Me
Wade Myhan
Dr. Wade MyhanAssistant Professor of Education, Special Education256-216-6641McCain Hall, Room 217Contact Me
Molly Myhan
Molly MyhanSecretary for the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs256-233-8103McCandless Hall, Room 303Contact Me


Christopher Nelson
Christopher NelsonInstructor of Accounting(256) 216-5380 Sanders HallContact Me
Derek Newland
Dr. Derek NewlandAssociate Professor of Mathematics256-233-6553Waters Hall, Room S203DContact Me


Tricia Oleyte
Tricia OleyteEnrollment Advisor / Recruiter256-233-8173The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Susan Owens
Dr. Susan OwenProfessor of Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Department Chair256-233-6556Founders Hall, Room 303Contact Me


Greg Parnell
Greg ParnellSecurity Guard256-233-8222Security OfficeContact Me
Savannah Pearson
Savannah PearsonTesting Center AssistantUniversity Testing Center">Contact Me
Molly Pepper
Molly PepperSecretary for the College of Business/Executive Assistant to the Dean and Assessment Coordinator256-216-5352Sanders Hall, Room 106Contact Me
Neisha Pickett
Eneshia PickettTemporary, Part-Time, Support Staff for the Security Office256-233-8222Security OfficeContact Me
Thomas Pieplow
Dr. Thomas PieplowAssociate Professor of Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt256-216-5383Sanders Hall, Room 108Contact Me
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Dr. Elena PikutaResearch Scientist and Adjunct Instructor256-233-6592Waters Hall N204Contact Me
Michael Pitsis
Michael PitsisSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Shannon Pittman
Dr. Shannon PittmanAssistant Professor of Biology256-233-6519Waters Hall, S 303 CContact Me
Penny Pitts
Penny PittsDirector of Accounting/Controller256-216-3306Founders Hall, Room 109Contact Me
Julia Pope
Julia PopeDevelopment Assistant256-233-8185Grey House | 307 N Beaty St.Contact Me
Elizabeth Pruett
Dr. Elizabeth PruettAssistant Professor, Early Childhood Education(256)216-6631McCain Hall, Room 214Contact Me


Katherine Quinell
Dr. Katherine QuinnellLibrary Director256-216-6660LibraryContact Me


Carol Rachal
Carol RachalSecretary to the President256-233-8204Founders HallContact Me
Patluke Raggucci
Patluke RagucciEvening Staff Assistant256-876-7561Redstone ArsenalContact Me
Wanda Redus
Wanda RedusCustodian256-216-5341Physical Plant
Beth Reed
Beth ReedInformation Systems Technical Analyst256-216-6689Founders Hall, Room 292Contact Me
Lauren Reynolds
Lauren ReynoldsGraduate Tutoring LiaisonWriting CenterContact Me
Justin Riddle
Justin RiddleGroundskeeper256-216-5340Physical PlantContact Me
Kelton Riley
Kelton RileySecretary to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences256-233-6516Founders Hall, Room 233">Contact Me
Brady Rimes
Dr. Brady RimesAssistant Professor of Computer Science256-233-6511Waters Hall, Room S103AContact Me
Charles Roberts
Dr. Charles RobertsAssociate Professor of Mgmt with emphasis in Acquisitions & Contract Management256-216-5387Sanders Hall Room 114Contact Me
Dr. Kim Roberts
Dr. Kim RobertsAssociate Professor, Operations Management256-216-5362Sanders Hall, Room 203Contact Me
Penny Roberts
Penny RobertsEnrollment Advisor256-233-8135The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Try Rose
Trey RoseAssistant Materials Manager256-216-6622AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Crystal Rust
Crystal RustVisiting Instructor of Mathematics256-233-6523Waters Hall, S 203BContact Me


Bethlynn Sanders
Beth Lynn SandersSecretary for Humanities and Social Sciences/Government and Public Safety Administration Department256-233-6508Founder’s Hall Room 203Contact Me
Valerie Sellers
Valerie SellersData Analyst256-233-8107McCandless Hall, Room 213Contact Me
Bebe Shaw
Dr. Bebe Gish ShawProfessor of English256-233-6522Founders Hall, Room 348Contact Me
Suzanne Sims
Suzanne SimsDirector of Human Resources256-216-3314Founders Hall, Room 122Contact Me
Amber Skantz
Amber SkantzCirculation Supervisor256-216-6664LibraryContact Me
Tina Sloan
Dr. Tina SloanProfessor of Elementary Education256-216-6644McCain Hall Room 213Contact Me
Cody Smith
Cody SmithAMSTI Materials Manager256-233-6576AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Derrek Smith
Derrek SmithSenior Director of Student Success256-233-8274The Village—Building 5 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Jackie Smith
Dr. Jackie SmithAssociate Vice President for Academic Affairs256-233-8102McCandless Hall, Room 302Contact Me
Jerrie Smith
Jerrie SmithAssistant Director of Human Resources256-216-3302Founders Hall, Room 106Contact Me
Sunyung Song
Dr. Sunyung SongAssistant Professor of Education, English Language Learner (ELL)(256) 216-6612McCain Hall Room 203Contact Me
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Dr. Gail SouthwellAssistant Professor of Human Resource Management256-216-5357Sanders Hall - Room 214Contact Me
Dr. Stephen Spencer
Dr. Stephen SpencerDean of the College of Arts & Sciences256-233-6502Founders HallContact Me
Christina Steele
Christina SteeleFinancial Aid Advisor256-233-8122The Village—Building 3 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Christen Stephens
Christen StephensInstructional Design Technician256-216-6691Waters Hall S-202Contact Me
Cathy Stephenson
Cathy StephensonTesting Center AssistantUniversity Testing CenterContact Me
Rodney Stevens
Rodney StevensManager, Redstone Arsenal Center256-876-7561Redstone ArsenalContact Me
Dr. Quanda Stevenson
Dr. Quanda StevensonAssociate Professor of Criminal Justice256-233-6515Founders Hall, Room 352Contact Me
Maria Stewart
Maria StewartTranscript Evaluator256-233-8154Carter Center, Room 106Contact Me
Joel Stutts
Joel StuttsHelp Desk Manager256-216-6690Waters Hall - Room S202BContact Me
Teresa Suit
Teresa SuitChief of Records256-233-8167Carter Center, Room 106Contact Me


Kayla Kohanek-Tankersley
Kayla Kohanek-TankersleyEnrollment Management Generalist256-233-8171Enrollment Center—McCain Hall, Lower LevelContact Me
Deborah Tarpley
Deborah TarpleyCustodian256-216-5341Physical Plant
Bruce Thomas
Dr. Bruce ThomasProfessor of Health and Wellness Management & Department Chair256-233-6513Founders Hall, Room 346Contact Me
Dr. Timothy Thornton
Dr. Timothy ThorntonAssistant Professor of Career and Technical Education256-216-6626McCain Hall, Room 209Contact Me
Jason Threet
Jason ThreetSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Dale Townsend
Dale TownsendSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Thomas Townsend
Thomas TownsendSenior Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Kim Troupe
Kim TroupeFinancial Aid Advisor256-233-8122The Village—Building 3 (Beasley Field)Contact Me
Darlene Turner White
Dr. Darlene Turner-WhiteAssociate Professor of Early Childhood Education256-216-6611McCain Hall Room 205Contact Me



Jacki Vadney
Jacki VadneyAssistant Professor of Drama and Theater Arts: Scenic Lighting and Design256-260-4297Contact Me
Gary Valcana
Gary ValcanaAssistant Professor of Managment & Department Chair256-216-5374Sanders Hall, Room 207Contact Me
Clint Vandiver
Clint VandiverAMSTI Elementary Specialist256-233-6578AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Debra Vaughn
Debra VaughnAssistant Professor of Management256-216-5353Sanders Hall, Room">Contact Me


Darren Waldrep
Darren WaldrepInstructor of Information Assurance Management256-216-5366Sanders Hall, Room 207Contact Me
Dana Waldrop
Dana WaldropSecretary, Library / Center for Lifelong Learning256-233-8260Library & 121 S. Marion StreetContact Me
Dr. Teresa Wanbaugh
Dr. Teresa WanbaughAssociate Professor of Management256-216-5371Sanders Hall, Room 219Contact Me
Kerry Warren
Kerry WarrenDirector of Facility Operations256-216-5343Contact Me
Sherry Weathers
Sherry WeathersCustodian256-216-5341Physical Plant
Randy Wells
Randy WellsInformation Technology (I.T.) Support Specialist(256)216-6684Founders Hall, Room 294Contact Me
Dr. Robert White
Dr. Robert WhiteAssociate Professor of Religion, Faculty Senate President256-233-6541Founders Hall, Room 330Contact Me
Mark White
Mark WhiteSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security HouseContact Me
Dan Whitson
Dan WhitsonASIM Chemistry Materials Assistant256-216-6622AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Bill Wilkes
Dr. Bill WilkesProfessor of Economics256-216-5367Sanders Hall, Room 217Contact Me
Marla Williams
Dr. Marla WilliamsAssistant Professor of Elementary Education(256) 216-6637 McCain Hall, Room 220Contact Me
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer WilliamsAcquisitions & Collection Development Librarian (Assistant Librarian)256-216-6667LibraryContact Me
Debbie Wilson
Debbie WilsonDirector of Clinical Experiences256-216-6610McCain Hall Room 105
Jennifer Wolfe
Jennifer WolfeAssociate Librarian256-216-6668LibraryContact Me
Holly Wood
Holly WoodProgram Coordinator, Athens State University In-Service Center & AMSTI256-233-6569AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 SouthContact Me
Cathy Woodruff
Dr. Cathy WoodruffAssociate Professor of Early Childhood Education256-216-6614McCain Hall Room 221Contact Me
Sharon Woods
Sharron WoodsData Entry Specialist, Teacher Education Services256-216-6602McCain Hall Room 107Contact Me
Dr. Lionel Wright
Dr. Lionel WrightAssistant Professor of Business(256) 216-5365 Sanders HallContact Me