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Issuance of an Alabama teaching certificate is the legal responsibility of the Alabama State Department of Education. Universities and colleges cannot issue a professional certificate. However, in order to receive certification at the Class B level, a student must complete an appropriate course of study at a college or university which has been approved by the State Department of Education. When a student completes the course of study and program requirements, the institution recommends to the State Department of Education that the appropriate certificate be awarded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Class “B” certification?

Class B certification is a level of Professional Educator Certification that requires completion of a Bachelor’s degree program.

What is the process for receiving a Class B certification from the Alabama State Department of Education?

It is the responsibility of the Athens State University student to complete the following steps in order to be recommended for certification by the Alabama State Department of Education.

Steps to receive Class B certification:

  1. Complete online NAL (certification) application located at the Alabama State Department’s website, www.alsde.edu. Print and sign application.
  2. Complete online payment for each level of certification. Amount subject to state modification. Fees may be paid online for licensure and certification. The website is www.alabamainteractive.org/education. Students seeking certification in more than one area will need to provide payment receipts for each additional certification.
  3. Satisfy the requirements of the Teacher Education Program including passing score(s) on Praxis Core Basic Skills and Praxis II assessment(s), proof of ABI/FBI background clearance, TB Skin Test, and completing all required coursework meeting all three current GPA requirements for Overall, Professional Studies, and Teaching Field areas. NOTE: Beginning F18, the edTPA portfolio required during Internship will replace the Praxis II exam — Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT).
  4. Complete transcript request to send an electronic Athens State University official transcript to the Alabama State Department of Education.

Certification documentation will be collected by the Certification Officer at the Certification Seminar. The Certification Seminar is held each fall and spring semester at the Athens State main campus. Attendance is mandatory for interns.

What are the steps for applying for certification outside of the state of Alabama?

Students seeking certification outside the state of Alabama should contact the respective State Department of Education for certification requirements.

How do I contact the Certification Office within the College of Education at Athens State University?

Debbie Wilson
Teacher Education Services

College of Education

If I am interested in alternative approaches to certification or ABC certification, where do I locate course information or who should I contact for advising?

Provisional Certificate (ABC) Information

Beth Rice
Student Success Center


If I am seeking to reinstate my expired certification, what are the procedures?

For information go to the Alabama State Department of Education website.

For additional information contact Ms. Beth Rice.

Beth Rice
Student Success Center


If I am seeking to renew my non-expired certification, what are the procedures?

For information go to the Alabama State Department of Education website.

For additional information contact Ms. Beth Rice.

Beth Rice
Student Success Center


What are the procedures if I am a non-graduate returning after an absence OR am in a non-certification degreed program and wish to change to a certification degreed program?

Step 1: Contact your advisor for details regarding required documentation.


  1. Purchase LiveText
  2. Passing Scores on the current Basic Skills Assessments (Reading, Writing, Math)
  3. Current Fingerprint and background check completed through SDE approved agency
  4. Current, negative TB test on file in the COE
  5. Completion of 22 days of Field Experience & Internship Office placed field experience visits
  6. Submission of field experience assessments (completed by the advisor or FE supervisor)
  7. Passing scores on all program associated Praxis Tests
  8. Admittance into the Teacher Education Program (TEP) – must be current
  9. Completion of all benchmark portfolio assessments
  10. Completion of all courses, including Internship, that are on the current certification-track plan of study, with a grade of C or better
  11. Returning students must undergo a plan of study review to ensure course requirement compliance
*Requirements are subject to change. For the complete list of requirements you should contact a faculty advisor.