Field Experience Announcements

August 17 – September 8

The window for students to submit online Field Experience application (MUST APPLY to guarantee your placement)
CA 1-3 Courses / Component 1: you may request a specific school
CA 4 Courses / Component 3: you may not request a specific school
You will be assigned a location based on approved Instructor-Led PDS sites located in/near Athens State
Secondary Practicum Students – SC400/SC401: you will be assigned a specific location pre-approved by your instructor

September 8

Due date to submit the online Field Experience application
(Late requests must be cleared by the Field Experience Coordinator)

September 28 (or October 9)

CA1-3 Courses: Students view their placements. Follow “Comments” instructions for contacting the school.
CA 4 Instructor-Led Courses may view assigned placements on October 9; do NOT contact the school

  • Faculty Site Managers will email you information & details

To view your placement, go to Athens State Online / Student Tab / Field Experience Application

September 28 – November 20

CA 1-3 Courses:  Students will complete requested field experience days during this 9-week period

October 19 – October 30

CA 4 Courses:  Students will complete Instructor-Led FE days during this 2-week COE course release timeframe

  • you will be assigned randomly; please leave these dates open for availability
  • Mandatory orientation may be required Friday, October 16

November 23

Deadline to submit Field Experience Verification Form (MUST be completed thoroughly)
Upload scanned copy into (1) Blackboard/My Organizations/ FE Link AND (2) LiveText Portfolio

Please download Field Experience Handout located at