Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education class

The health physical education curriculum prepares majors to become highly qualified, competent dually certified health and physical educators equipped to adapt to ever-expanding professional roles in health and wellness promotion for school-aged learners. Health and physical education majors study comprehensive curricula geared toward teaching all ages in the P-12 setting. A variety of hands-on, theoretical, practical, and research-based class activities and opportunities enable majors to acquire a relevant, holistic knowledge base.

Majors master instructional, methodological strategies specific to health and physical education and can apply these students with a variety of ability levels.

Majors become reflective practitioners with the commitment to provide opportunities to engage all learners in a challenging and appropriate curriculum possessing breadth and depth. The program prepares majors to succeed in further higher education endeavors,
including the pursuit of advanced degrees in Physical Education, Health and Wellness and other related disciplines.

The Health and Physical Education Program Professors are committed to working with students to instill confidence as a novice teacher, develop marketability in the job search, and help to establish a path for degree completion based on individual plan. Graduates will leave Athens State dually certified to teach health and physical education in the P-12 setting.

The B.S.Ed. in Health and Physical Education Program offers courses in a variety of formats to suit individual schedules, including online, blended, and traditional formats.

Degree Requirements

General Education RequirementsHours
Written Composition6
Humanities/Fine Arts Courses12
Fine Arts Course3
Speech Course (SPH 106, 107)3
At least one Literature Course*3
Other Courses in humanities or fine arts3
Mathematics and Natural Sciences11
Finite Math or higher mathematics course3
Human Anatomy and Physiology or BI 361 Human Structure & Function4
Natural Science Course (lab-based)4
History/ Behavioral and Social Sciences12
At least one History Course*3
Human Growth and Development3
Other courses in history, or behavioral/social science6
Total General Education Requirement Hours41
Major Prerequisite Course RequirementsHours
Foundations of Physical Education or HPE 326 History and Principles3
Personal and Community Health or HPE 354 Contemporary Health3
Safety and First Aid or HPE 323 Aquatics and Advanced Lifesaving3
Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries or HPE 333 Care and Prevention3
Sports Officiating or HPE 301 Theory of Coaching & Officiating3
Three different Physical Education Courses (1 hour each)3
Total Major Prerequisite Requirement Hours18
Professional Study CoursesHours
ED 301 Introduction to Teaching (first semester)1
ED 302 Foundations of Education (first semester, a prerequisite for HPE 322)3
ED 305 Technology and Media in Education3
ED 322 Basic Principles of ELL Education3
SE 301 Survey of Exceptional Learners3
HPE 490 Internship in Health and Physical Education P-126
Total Professional Education Requirements19
Teaching Field CoursesHours
HPE 322 Analysis and Teaching of Individual Sports3
HPE 324 Analysis and Teaching Team Sports3
HPE 325 Kinesiology3
HPE 327 Physiology of Exercise3
HPE 350 Adapted Physical Education and Sports3
HPE 355 Health-Related Fitness & Nutrition3
HPE 357 Health Promotion for the P-12 Student3
HPE 390 Curriculum and Instruction in Health and Education I3
HPE 400 Organization and Administration of Physical Education3
HPE 410 Assessment in Health and Physical Education3
HPE 420 Curriculum and Instruction in Health and Education II3
HPE 429 Early Childhood and Elementary PE Curriculum3
HPE 430 Teach, Assess, and Management of PE in Elementary School3
HPE 431 Motor Development and Physical Activity3
HPE 440 Teach, Assess, and Management of PE in High School3
Total Teaching Field Requirement Hours45
Elective hours as needed to meet minimum 124 hour requirement and all other University requirements1
Total Hours Required for Completion of Health and Physical Education Major124

Elective courses may be required to meet minimum degree requirements of 124 hours and upper-level credit requirements. These must be approved by the faculty advisor. Elective courses MUST be at the 300 or 400 level.



Dr. Jamie Gilbert

Dr. William Davis


Program Objectives & Outcomes