Externally Sponsored Scholarships

Externally Sponsored Scholarships

How to Avoid Scholarship Scams

There is no shortage of independent scholarships found online but some are more reliable and legitimate than others. Students should not have to pay for a scholarship search or to apply for a scholarship, though they may have to “register” with an email address. Please review the article below for information on how to avoid scholarship scams.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees; Avoiding Scholarship Scams Article

Scholarship Search Engines

Here are a few reputable search engines and a brief description of their specialty. Before applying for any external scholarship we advise reviewing the information we have listed under the How to Avoid Scholarship Scams tab. Athens State University does not endorse or certify the legitimacy of any search engine or specific scholarship listed on this page.

College Board
College Board (the same company that administers the PSAT, SAT, and AP tests) has a great database that allows students to input details for a tailored search based on gender, location, interests, and affiliations. This site does not require registration.

College Scholarships
CollegeScholarships.org allows students to browse scholarships based on minority status, degree level, academic interest, geography, student type, or athletic ability. CollegeScholarship.org also has several scholarships they sponsor. This site does not require registration.

Education Planner
Education Planner helps students from thinking about college to choosing a college, to finding ways to pay for college. This complete resource has listings for both undergraduate and graduate students and uses a variety of filters to find scholarships that fit each student individually. This site does not require registration.

Scholarships.com provides several scholarships in an easy to use format where opportunities are ranked based on a personal profile. This site requires registration.

Scholarships and Grants
Scholarshipsandgrants.us is a great resource for students looking for additional scholarship funds. This resource has an easy to use layout that divides scholarships into majors and interests. This site does not require registration.

You can use Scholar Snapp to reuse your information when applying for multiple external scholarships. That includes everything from contact details to teacher recommendations, video uploads, essays, and more.


Contest Information
Deadline: September 14, 2020
Allconnect® announces the Ultimate College Bundle Contest. Every college student can use a new laptop or money for books, right? For a chance to become one of three winners, college students are invited to submit an essay on where their field of study would be without the internet.


Scholarship Website

The Birmingham Promise is a public-private partnership, initiated by the City of Birmingham and in partnership with the Birmingham City Schools.

The Birmingham Promise provides last-dollar tuition assistance for graduates of the Birmingham City Schools (BCS) public school system, starting with the class of 2020. To be eligible for the tuition assistance, BCS students must have completed the FAFSA, completed their Birmingham Promise application through the website, apply and be accepted into an eligible college or university, and graduate in the class of 2020 from a BCS high school.