Exposure Notification App

Users of the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification App can anonymously share a positive COVID-19 test result — and be anonymously notified of potential previous close contact with someone who later reports a positive COVID-19 test result — without sharing anyone’s identity. The app protects your privacy while giving you the power to protect the health of yourself, your family, and your community.

The GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification App makes your privacy a priority. It does not collect identifying information such as your name, address, date of birth, contact information, or specific location data. Once you download the app and opt-in to the notification system, this tool will generate a random code for your device. To help make certain you can’t be identified, those random codes change every few minutes.

You can also turn Bluetooth sharing off and on at any time, and the app itself has been engineered so that it can’t be used to pinpoint a device’s specific location. You control any and all data you want to share, and whether or not you want to share it, and if you test positive, that information will only be shared with public health officials in your state.

Providing exposure notifications to users in our community can quickly give them the information they need to quarantine or seek testing or treatment to beat COVID-19.

Please note: Use of the exposure notification app is voluntary but strongly encouraged.

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