Using Athens State Healthcheck will help ensure a healthy campus.

All students, faculty, and staff must complete Athens State Healthcheck, a web-based COVID-19 assessment tool that allows users to report COVID-19 symptoms and exposure history.

Athens State Healthcheck consists of a set of questions that measures symptoms and exposure to COVID-19. An initial set-up survey is performed the first time you access Healthcheck. After that, you are encouraged to complete Athens State Healthcheck daily, but we require it to be completed at least every three days. (Employees who enter campus on a daily basis must complete it daily, as a “pass” is only valid for one business day.)

Through Athens State Healthcheck, you report whether or not you have had symptoms or exposure to anyone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19. Based on your response, Athens State Healthcheck will assign you one of three categories: Least Risk, May be at Risk, or Greater Risk — each with its own instructions on how to proceed to campus or work. Regardless of how you answer, a secure compliance report will be sent to the Athens State data manager for COVID-19.

You will automatically get email and/or text reminders from the Athens State Healthcheck tool. However, if you ever develop new symptoms, don’t wait for a reminder — report them immediately. You can access Athens State Healthcheck through the password-protected system on a phone, tablet, or computer by clicking the link below to enter the system.

Complete Athens State Healthcheck

Athens State Passport: Your “Pass” to Campus

Athens State Passport is being used to help facilitate access to campus by faculty, staff, and students. After completing the Athens State Healthcheck, you will be provided a “pass” which should be shown at the entry checkpoint to gain access to campus. Athens State Passport issues campus clearance based on a proprietary COVID-19 risk algorithm. Each user is assigned a unique passport number indicating their status of “Clear” or “Not Clear” for campus entry.

Each pass provided is only valid for one business day; if you work or learn on campus daily, you must complete the Athens State Healthcheck and receive a new pass each day. Please see below for helpful frequently asked questions.