2018 Faculty & Staff Recognition

5 Years of Service

5 year awards


Chelsea Love
Katia Mayfield
Dr. Kimberly Jack
Dr. Sara Cline
Not pictured: Julie Martin, Rodney Stevens

10 Years of Service

10 year awards


Dr. Ronald Merritt
Carrie Lin
Nicki Johns
Tonyia Bowling
Not pictured: Jay Looney, Mike Pitsis, Wanda Redus

20 Years of Service

20 year awards


Dr. Tina Sloan
Dr. Tony Moyers
Nancy Morris
Gina Lovett
Dr. Debbie Ferguson
Dr. Janet Dorning
Not Pictured: Tim Crafton

25 Years of Service

25 year awards


Dr. Wayne McCain
Cathy Brett
Not Pictured: Brett Constable

30 Years of Service

30 year awards


Kim Troupe
Suzanne Sims
Dr. Bruce Thomas
Penny Roberts
Billy McClain
Not Pictured: Charlotte Feigley (retired 8/18)

35 Years of Service

35 year awards


Vicki Johnson
Dr. Ron Ingle