Historic Tree Project

Historic Tree Project

In the early 1990’s Athens State University staff, faculty, students, and community members came together to create the Historic Tree Project in which over 40 trees certified from historic sites all over the country were planted on our campus in Athens, Alabama.

Visit the campus anytime at your own pace with our downloadable and printable map above.

After 25 years on campus the plaques marking our historic trees were severely damaged and illegible.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Alabama 200 Bicentennial Commission and support from the Athens State University Foundation and Athens State Bicentennial Committee, the plaques were able to be replaced and the Historic Tree Project was reinvigorated. With the leadership of the Athens State Biology Department, SGA, and the Grounds Crew, the annual Arbor Day Festival at Athens State hosts guided campus tours of our unique living historical collection.

The greenspaces of the Athens State campus have been an important strength and attraction of the school for nearly 200 years.

For the Athens State University Bicentennial we honor the people who have worked diligently to create these beautiful spaces and made immeasurable contributions to the historic character of the campus. Athens State is committed to maintaining and celebrating our historic living collection of trees and encouraging the University community to continue building this natural legacy into the future.

For more information on our Arbor Day program, contact the Athens State Biology department. For more information on the Historic Tree Project, contact the Archives.

Billy McCalin showing the old plaque and the new plaque
Before and after photo of our 2019 plaque replacement.
Billy McClain, the Head Groundskeeper, allowed us to
identify all of the historic trees and accurately
recreate the plaques.