EBSCOhost E-Books

NetLibrary has been purchased by EBSCOHost. Therefore, your home login to NetLibrary.com will no longer work. You will have to create a new account with EBSCOHost as follows:

  1. Click the “Find Articles/Databases” link from our menu on the main Athens State Library webpage.
  2. Scroll down the Library Databases list and click on “E-books on EBSCOhost”.
  3. Sign in using your first and last name and your Athens State ID number. Ex: John Doe ASU00099999 (*Remember you must type in capital Athens State and then 000 before your number.)
  4. Click the Sign-in button on top of the EBSCOhost page that opens.
  5. Click the “Create New Account” button.

Now when you access an eBook, you will use this EBSCOhost account.