PTK Alumni Members Attend Regional Conference, Win Awards

Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association Members Attend Conference, Win Awards

Dateline: March 25, 2019

Athens State University Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association officers and advisors attended the Alabama Regional Convention in Enterprise, AL from March 1-2. Attendees included Dr. Kimberly Jack (advisor), Stephanie Harruff (President), Jeremy Boles (VP), Edmund Martinez (VP), Carmen Carolina Hurtado (VP), Hannah Kilpatrick (Athens State alumna and Regional Alumni Representative for PTK International), and Nora Lee (PTK Regional Coordinator and recently retired Athens State advisor).

The group conducted a workshop on “The Research Connection,” an initiative supported by the Athens State University Library. Officers awarded Good as Gold Scholarships, one of their outreach initiatives to Community College PTK members throughout Alabama.

The Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association was also honored with an Award of Merit for supporting the Alabama region, as well as an Alabama Regional Hallmark Award for Outstanding Alumni Chapter.  A select group of officers will be participating in the PTK International Convention in Orlando, FL in April.

The mission of the Athens State University Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association is to support the people, programs and priorities of the Phi Theta Kappa Society. Through alumni support, the integrity of the Society’s programs and service will be protected and new programs and services can be developed and offered in the future.