Statement on Inclusion and Civility

Originally Issued:  April 21, 2017
Reviewed:  May 18, 2018

Affirmed and Adopted by
The Board of Trustees




The Athens State University Board of Trustees embraces the University mission statement and is committed to providing a supporting environment for all who work and learn at the University through knowledge, respect, civility and inclusion.  A vibrant campus community includes respect for, and civility toward, one another.

The Board of Trustees respects the right of expression as a symbol of learning, and values intellectual freedom, tempered with respect for rights of others.  It is our expectation that individuals and groups should not feel intimidated or be subject to retribution for voicing concerns or for participating in governance or policy making.

The Board of Trustees believes individuals have a right to be safe from harassment, in any form, regardless of their beliefs, values, or ideas.  Nonetheless, being safe should not be construed as a form of protection from opposing ideas or beliefs that may differ or cause discomfort.  Likewise, safety extends to protect the rights of participants and non-participants alike in situations involving protests or campus unrest.

The Board recognizes that the way we interact and communicate with one another is critical to cultivating a respectful, meaningful, and effective intellectual environment.  As a community, we have a collective responsibility to refrain from behaviors that demean or stigmatize individuals or groups of individuals whose perspective may differ.

The Board of Trustees remains fully committed to promoting a culture of respect, civility, and inclusiveness and seeks to sustain a culture that is respectful of both differences and commonalities.  In circumstances that may call into question the veracity of actions taken by individuals or groups; the Board recognizes the importance of providing a timely response that is both appropriate and responsible.  Consequently, any statements on behalf of the entire community pertaining to such occurrences will be made through the University Administration, after making every effort to consult widely and ensure that all constituencies are represented.