Guidelines for the Presidential Award for Meritorious Performance

Originally Issued: September 11, 2013
Revised:  December 3, 2014
Reviewed:  May 26, 2016
Revised:  December 5, 2017

Procedure Owners:  VP for Financial Affairs, Director of Human Resources

I. Purpose

The purpose of the Athens State University Presidential Award for Meritorious Performance program is  to recognize employees who have demonstrated sustained quality and excellence in the performance of their duties. In particular, the award program strives to recognize employees whose continued high performance significantly improves operations and outcomes in an area, or department. Up to five (5)
Presidential Awards may be given annually. If awarded, Presidential Awards are given during the in- service activities at the beginning of the fall semester or during some other appropriate public function.

II. Eligibility

To be eligible for the Presidential Award, employees must:

  • Be a full-time faculty or staff member;
  • Be employed in their current position for at least three (3) years;
  • Show evidence of sustained excellence and high performance in the execution of their duties.

Previous Presidential award winners within the last three (3) years are not eligible for nomination.

III. Criteria and Process for Nomination

The contributions of an employee nominated for the Presidential Award should reflect:

  • Sustained overall performance that consistently exceeds expectations and that reflects a high level of service and respect, and a commitment to high standards;
  • Performance that has resulted in improvements in the quality, efficiency, and/or productivity of services in an area or department.

Nominations may be made by a supervisor or department head or any management position within the University. Nominations made by anyone other than the nominee’s supervisor must be approved by the supervisor. Each nomination should be submitted along with supporting documentation and letters of support from the nominee’s colleagues / coworkers to the Office of the President. Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted no later than April 30. Employees who have not had satisfactory evaluations should not be nominated for the Presidential Award.

IV. Selection Process

Selection of the Presidential Award recipient(s), if awarded, is made by the Presidential Award Selection Committee, comprised of the following members:

  • Presiding Officer of the Staff Senate;
  • Presiding Officer of the Faculty Senate;
  • Director of Human Resources;
  • Director of the Career Development Center;
  • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs;
  • Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management;
  • Assistant Vice President for Development
  • Department Chair for Human Resources Management;
  • Assistant Vice President for Financial Affairs/Business Manager.

If any members of the committee are nominated, the President will appoint a replacement to the committee for that year’s selection process.

The Selection Committee will review the nominations and supporting documentation for all nominees, and will forward the materials for all of the nominees along with recommendations for up to five (5) award recipients to the President no later than June 30. The final approval for any awards will be made by the President.

V. Awards

Upon final approval, the Vice President for Financial Affairs in collaboration with the President and Cabinet will make a determination of the type and amount of the award. The President will publically recognize and present each President’s Award recipient with a commemorative certificate and a monetary award during the fall in-service activities or during some other appropriate public function.