Hiring and Recruitment

Policy Number: IV.24
Policy Level: Operating Policy

Originally Issued: October 1, 2019

Policy Owner: Vice President for Financial Affairs
Policy Implementation: Director of Human Resources
SACSCOC Standard:  5.5
SACSCOC Standard:  6.3

I.  Purpose

In support of the mission of the institution, the University fosters an environment that attracts and cultivates a talented, diverse and competitive workforce.  Through the Office of Human Resources, the University follows policies and procedures when filling all vacancies with the goal to conduct a search that will yield the best possible candidate for the position.  All efforts to fill vacancies (exempt, non-exempt, faculty, staff and administrative) are directed toward choosing the best suited individual based on professional qualifications, personal integrity and equal opportunity and equal access considerations.    This policy and the Procedures for Hiring and Recruitment are to be followed to complete the search/hiring process in an efficient and effective manner.

II.  Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

No employee or applicant for employment or promotion shall be discriminated against on the basis of any legally impermissible criterion or characteristic, including without limitation race, sex, or age.  Athens State University is an equal opportunity employer.

 III.  Recruitment/Diversity

Athens State University strives to recruit outstanding administrators, faculty and staff to create an overall climate that welcomes diversity in many areas, including ethnicity, national origin, religion, race, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.  The immediate goal is twofold: (1) to broaden the recruitment net to include a wide-range of highly qualified candidates; 2) to keep track of   recruitment efforts and outcomes to demonstrate our commitment to building and maintaining a diverse workforce. There are no specific numeric targets or quotas – only the important goal of broadening the search process for each open full-time position.

IV.  Internal Searches, Lateral Transfers, and Job Reorganization/Modification

Normally, all positions are filled following an advertised search process as described in the Procedures for Hiring and Recruitment.   In certain instances, however, Athens State University may elect to limit the search process for a vacant position to internal applicants to fill a vacancy with a lateral transfer, or to reorganize/modify a position without the creation of a vacancy.

V.  Accommodations for Disabilities

Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 makes it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a qualified applicant or employee with a disability.  The University will provide reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities to be considered for job openings (unless in the case of undue hardship).  The University will work to ensure that qualified individuals with disabilities have the same opportunity as all other applicants to be considered fairly for positions at the University.

VI.  Background Checks

A background check will be performed by the University (or an outside vendor at the University’s expense) on candidates who are selected for potential employment by the University. Background Checks and Self Disclosure of Criminal Convictions.

Candidates for employment and positions will be advised that, prior to being selected, the candidate must successfully pass a background check.  Candidates must complete an authorization form.  Failure to timely complete an authorization may result in termination of the University’s consideration of the candidate’s application for or other pursuit of a position.  Falsification or omission of information may result in denial of employment.

All offers for employment for a position are contingent upon a background check that is acceptable to the University.

 VII.  Reference Checks

Reference checks will be conducted and documented via the online employment system through the Office of Human Resources.  It is suggested the references be checked before the on-campus interview takes place.

VIII.Offer of Employment

All offers of employment must be approved by the President of the University.

IX.  Responsibility for this Operating Policy

Policy Owner

As part of the initial approval of this policy by the President and subsequent to the original dissemination of the policy, the Vice President for Financial Affairs is the policy owner for the ongoing evaluation, review, and approval of this policy.  Subsequent reviews and revisions to this policy must be in accordance with approved operating policy procedures and processes.

This policy will be reviewed every three years or more frequently as needed by the Policy Owner.  Revisions will be reviewed/affirmed by the Cabinet and approved by the University President.  This policy will be updated/published in the University’s Policy Library.

Responsibility for Policy Implementation

The President has assigned the responsibility of implementing this policy to the Director of Human Resources, under the direction of the Vice President for Financial Affairs.

In accordance with Act 2012-497, all full-time employees, whether tenured, non-tenured, non-probationary, or probationary, who were employed by the University on October 1, 2012, shall retain any and all rights and privileges as provided in Chapter 24C of Title 16, Code of Alabama 1975 (the “Students First Act of 2011”).  All employees hired after October 1, 2012, will follow the new personnel policies and procedures adopted by the University unless specifically excluded.  Effective dates for the new personnel policies and procedures will be retroactive to October 1, 2012, unless alternate effective dates are specifically identified.