(Timeline may be adjusted throughout the process as needed)

November 14-15, 2018Academic Search consultants meets with constituent groups.
Organizational meeting of the Search Committee.
November 21-30, 2018Search Consultant and Committee finalize ad and profile. Advertising plan is approved.
Week of January 7 – 11 to February 24Recruiting and Evaluation. Academic Search advertises position in approved print and/or online media. Profile and ad sent to relevant sources and individuals.Academic Search will set up a password-protected website containing all application materials accessible only to the Consultant and Search Committee members.
February 11 – 15
(a single 1.5 hour session)
Search Committee meeting to review electronic access to applications and complete a credential review exercise (Consultant attends by video/teleconference).Approximately 1.5 hrs.
February 24Deadline for full consideration of applications.
March 4Each Committee member submits, electronically, to Academic Search a list of “top 10” candidates of interest. Lists should be unranked.
March 8Consultant and Committee meet face-to-face to select semifinalists for “neutral site interviews” (NSIs). Approximately 3 hrs.
March 18 – 22Spring Break – Campus Closed
March 24 – 25
(SU and M)
Search Committee conducts NSIs with Academic Search in attendance; finalists selected for campus visits. Approximately two full days.
April 7 – 15
(SU – M)
Campus visits by finalists. (Consultant does not attend.)

Sample Interview Schedule
The full- and half-day interview schedule will include meetings with each stakeholder group (faculty, staff and administration)

Candidate #1
April 7th – 6:00 pm – dinner
April 8th – 8:00 am – full–day interview
April 9th – 8:00 am – half-day interview
April 9th – 12:00 noon – depart
Candidate #2
April 9th – 6:00 pm – dinner
April 10th – 8:00 am – full-day
April 11th – 8:00 am – half-day interview
April 11th – 12:00 noon – depart
Candidate #3
April 11th – 6:00 pm dinner
April 12th – 8:00 am – full-day interview
April 13th – 8:00 am – half-day interview
April 13th – 12:00 noon – depart
Candidate #4
April 13th – 6:00 pm – dinner
April 14th–8:00 am – full-day interview
April 15th –8:00 am – half-day interview
April 15th – 12:00 noon – depart
April 15 –
April 30
The Board of Trustees Executive Committee considers responses from candidate interviews.
April 23 –
May 4
April 23-29 Final Exams
May 1 Grades Due
May 4 Graduation
May 17The Executive Committee makes hiring recommendation to the full-board at the May 17th Board of Trustees meeting. Following majority vote of full board, the appointment is confirmed.