Occupational Health & Safety Management

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Occupational Health & Safety professionals are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of both employees and customers, along with ensuring environmental and regulatory compliance.

The Occupational Health & Safety Management (OHSM) program at Athens State University prepares students to lead occupational health and safety operations for business and industry, identifying and mitigating safety matters and potentially hazardous conditions. The program immerses students in a curriculum that exposes them to a wide range of experiences in preparation for a career in various industries, with learning outcomes focused on an understanding of workplace health and safety, in addition to management and leadership, human resources and team building, accounting and finance, diversity and cultural competence, and marketing.

The demand for competent, highly-qualified safety professionals continues to grow in Alabama and the country as a whole. According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, jobs for occupational health, and safety specialists are predicted to grow 7% through 2022.

With Athens State’s Occupational Health & Safety Management program, you can learn leadership skills, preventative strategies, and response tactics to build a rewarding career where you can do more than just meet industry standards – you can set them.

Career Opportunities

  • Risk Manager
  • Safety Administrator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Safety Inspector
  • Occupational Health Analyst
  • Field Safety Officer


Dr. Gary Huckaby


Bachelor of Science


Program Objectives & Outcomes