Individualized Degree Program

Humanities and Social Sciences
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OnlineU Most Affordable Online DegreesThe Individualized Degree Program (IDP), through the College of Arts and Sciences, allows you to design a unique college experience and education that meets your personal and career goals. Designed by each student, in consultation with faculty, the program offers a creative path to a four-year degree. The Individualized Degree Program allows you to pursue your interests and develop skills that will prepare you for employment opportunities or future graduate study. The program also allows students to complete certificates to focus the degree in areas that are most relevant for their career and educational goals. The IDP provides a flexible degree path that may be completed online.


  1. Academic Integrity: The IDP offers students the opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary degree specifically designed to meet their educational goals.  This flexible program allows for systematic advising, teaching, learning, and assessment for the student and program.
  2. Cultural and Ethical Integrity:  The IDP helps students to be well-educated, critically- thinking community members who consider actions in terms of ethical behavior and positively contribute to society, as well as participate in policy evaluation in meaningful ways.  The IDP seeks to challenge students to reach beyond previous knowledge and skills.
  3. Transformative Learning: The IDP provides students with the opportunity to develop a unique, individualized program of study that encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning as well as develop as life-long learners.
  4. Entrepreneurship: The IDP provides students with opportunities to investigate, develop, and communicate ideas that are new and innovative.