Reading Lab Opens

Marsha White and Missy Ming Smith looking through the Reading Lab’s teaching materials.

Marsha White and Missy Ming Smith enjoy looking through the Reading Lab’s teaching materials.

Athens State University is pleased to announce the grand opening of the new College of Education Reading Lab. The Reading Lab, located in Chasteen Hall, aims to give teacher candidates at Athens State first-hand experience of how to teach reading strategies, create reading resources, role play, and practice teaching reading.

Dr. Patricia Sims, Dean of the College of Education, is excited about the new Reading Lab saying, “We think it’s a great opportunity to help our students deepen their learning as they learn various strategies to help students. They now have the time and opportunity to model and practice the strategies they’ve learned in class, so that when they go out for field experience and internships, they are prepared.”

Reading Lab Grand Opening Visitors

Mrs. Missy Ming Smith, Dr. Jameha Gardner, Marsha White and Dr. Patricia Sims

“Nation-wide, a large percentage of children are reading below grade level,” says Dr. Jameha Gardner, Associate Professor of Education at Athens State, “One way to work towards resolving this issue is by producing excellent reading instructors. Teacher candidates of Athens State University will participate in face-to-face reading courses held in the Reading Lab. The lab provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to learning.”