To view the following collections and museums please contact the Athens State University Archives at (256) 216- 6663

Art Collection
Contains portrait collection of University presidents dating 1821 to present, artworks by Mrs. Eunice McDonald Meadows including sketches of Founders Hall Chapel carvings, and a melange of artworks by various artists.

Athenian Student Newspapers
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This collection contains over 500 newspapers published by the students of Athens State University. The majority of this collection spans 1901 to 2018. The newspaper covers topics related to University students, alumni, staff, clubs, faculty, administration, events, programs, and more. The campus paper has been titled “The Athenian,” with the exception of the years 1931 – 1949 where it had the title “The Crow’s Nest” and in 1963 where it bore the name “The Searcher” and “…the Newspaper.” The newspapers were digitized thanks to the very generous donation by Mary Elizabeth Partin. They are made available online thanks to AlabamaMosaic.

Buildings Collection
Materials related to campus infrastructure and facilities including the Beaty-Mason Home, Brown Hall, Carter Gymnasium, Founders Hall, McCandless Hall, the University Library, Sanders Hall, Sandridge Student Center, and other facilities on and off-campus.

Barbara Brooks Collection

Tommy Carter Collection
The majority of the Tommy Carter Collection features artifacts and memorabilia which are on display in Carter Gymnasium on the Athens State University campus.

Delmore Collection & Museum
Ms. Debby Delmore’s personal collection of photographs, recordings, programs, awards, and memorabilia relating to the career of Alton and Rabon Delmore. The Delmore Collection Museum is located in the basement of McCandless Hall. We also encourage you to visit the Delmore Brothers website by going to

Doll Collections

Faculty Publications

Fiddlers Convention Collection & Museum
Contains photographs, news clippings, and other memorabilia (1966 – present) relative to the annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention on display in the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention Museum located in the basement of McCandless Hall. To view the current and past winners visit

Historic Districts Collection
Documents related to the following nationally registered historic districts of Athens, Alabama: Athens State University Historic District, Robert Beaty Historic District, and George S. Houston Historic District.

Historic Tree Collection
The Historic Tree Project was founded in the 1990s during the Bartlett administration by faculty and staff including Dr. Tim Jones and Mr. Billy McClain. This collection documents the formation of the program and ongoing work.
Follow a self-guided campus tour of several of our Historic Trees, compiled 2018 by Athens State Biology student Tevin Terry.  View Collection Information

Nanci Kincaid Collection
Nanci Kincaid is the author of Crossing Blood, Balls, Pretending the Bed Is a Raft (made into the feature film My Life Without Me), Verbena, and As Hot as it Was You Ought to Thank Me. We have an assorted collection of manuscripts and notes that were used during the building of some of the characters in her books.

LaGrange Bell
One of the only surviving pre-Civil War artifacts from LaGrange College in Leighton, Alabama – the LaGrange Bell is currently on permanent loan to the LaGrange Living Historical Association at the original site of the historic college. After LaGrange College was razed during the Civil War, Athens State University President Mary Norman Moore McCoy retrieved the surviving bell in the early 1900s. Athens State University restored and maintained the bell for nearly one hundred years. Before the implementation of automated systems, it was used to call students to class. After being housed in the University Library for many years, the LaGrange Bell was returned to its original home during the term of President Robert Glenn in 2018.

Local History Collection
Local, regional, and topical books relating to Athens State University and Northern Alabama & the Tennessee Valley. In honor of local history historian and author, Faye Acton Axford.

Elva B. McLin Collection
Contains research material and documentation of Dr. Elva McLin’s publications concerning the history of the University: Athens State College: A Definitive History 1821-1991, Athens State College: 1821-1994, Madame Childs: The Lady and The Legend, Mollie.

Methodist Church Collection

Eunice Meadows Collection
Eunice McDonald Meadows (Class of 1912) completed the Altar of the New Testament. carvings out of tulip poplar wood for use in the Founders Hall Chapel. Originally sketches and assorted artwork are housed in the Athens State Library & Archive.

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Memorabilia Collection

Angeline Nazaretian Collection

Margaret Oliver Collection
Margaret Oliver was a prominent member of the Athens State University staff serving many key roles until her retirement. A significant portion of the collection involves her work as the founding sponsor of the African-American History Association on campus. Her collection has been processed by Laken Smith, 2018 MLIS graduate of the University of Alabama and Athens State Archives graduate intern for Summer and Fall 2018.

Presidential Collection
Biographical and administrative materials relating to the Presidents of Athens State University. This collection is supplemented by the Presidential Portrait Wall which can be viewed in the Athens State University Library.

Scrapbook Collection

Scientific Instrument Collection

Sports Collection

James Croley Smith Collection
A collection of drawings by James Croley Smith of Athens State University buildings and other local historical sites.

Title VI Collection

Mac Vinson Collection

Yearbooks & Catalogs
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The digitized collection of Athens State University published yearbooks and catalogs. Ranging in date from 1899 – 2011. The course catalogs were also referred to as bulletins, and the yearbooks were published up until 1980 under various names including “Maid of Athens,” “The Oracle,” and “Columns.”