Archives Equity Initiative


The Archives Equity Initiative is designed to increase communication between the campus community and the University Archives in order to improve services and implement outreach with the goal of increasing the representation of historically marginalized groups.

This initiative directly supports the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan goals I, and IV, by seeking to demonstrate an institutional investment in the appreciation and support of historically marginalized and culturally diverse communities at Athens State and by instigating internal and external collaborative communication and outreach efforts.


The primary goal of the Archives Equity Initiative is to allow the Athens State University campus community including students, staff, faculty, and community stakeholders to have direct contact with the University Archives and staff in order to share information, collaborate, and advise on Archive department activity with the goal of listening, highlighting, and supporting the voices of marginalized groups in our community and their inclusion into the historic record.

The work of this initiative acknowledges the inherent biases present in the development of any historic record, the history and ongoing impact of racial discrimination both latent and overt throughout the United States and elsewhere, and accepts a professional and ethical imperative to acknowledge and take steps to address these realities

In addition to allowing interdisciplinary advisement to the archive, the long-term goal of this initiative is to research, design, and implement historical and cultural programs that actively address inequities present in the historic record and actively engage the campus community. ”

For more information please contact Athens State Archives.


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