Officers – Athens State University

Angelique LongSGA President
Angelique Long

Angelique is a senior at Athens State University, majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Human Development. Aside from being President of the Student Government Association, she is also a member of ActiveMinds, Athens State’s newest club organization. She is a mother, author, and Suicide Prevention Advocate. She plans to further her education when she graduates by pursuing her masters in counseling.

Brett GodbeeSGA Vice-President
Brett Godbee

Brett is majoring in both Mathematics and Computer Science at Athens State University.  In 2017, Brett served as the SGA promotional coordinator and currently serves as an Athenian Ambassador, active member of Kappa Mu Epsilon, and the MACS club. Brett is employed full-time in Huntsville, and part-time as a tutor in the Math, Computer and Natural Sciences (MCNS) tutoring lab on campus. Brett considers it an honor and privilege to serve as Vice President for SGA and he is looking forward to working with his fellow officers representing the student body of Athens State.

Daniel AbernathySGA Secretary
Daniel Abernathy

Born and raised in Athens Alabama, Danielhas always had a passion for community. Daniel volunteers at Huntsville LGBT pride events and is devoted to equality and social acceptance of gender fluidity. He also volunteers his time to helping the furry companions by fostering and caring for older canines, along with aiding in the adoption and vet process for families adopting the animals. Daniel has been a student at Athens State since 2016 and is an active member of the SGA and Active Minds. He is majoring in Psychology and Behavioral Science and hopes to one day research the different correlating components of Social Psychology and the risks of suicide in young people.

Hebrew the BearSGA & Athens State Mascot
Hebrew the Bear

Hebrew has always been an ardent supporter of SGA and does whatever he can to get our students into the fun college spirit! You will see him at various SGA, alumni & campus events because he loves to meet our Athens State students and their families!