2018-19 Tuition and Fees Analysis

Alabama Commission on Higher Education
Annual Tuition and Required Fees Analysis
Alabama Public Four-Year Institutions

Tuition Plus Required Fees

ResidentNon- ResidentNon-Resident to Resident RatioResidentNon- ResidentNon-Resident to Resident Ratio
Alabama A&M University$ 9,744$18,3541.9$11,262$21,2941.9
Alabama State University$11,068$19,3961.8$12,628$22,5161.8
Athens State University$6,810$12,8701.9$8,718$12,7501.5
Auburn University$11,276$30,5242.7$11,282$30,5422.7
Auburn University at Montgomery$10,348$22,1502.1$10,354$22,2762.2
Jacksonville State University$10,704$20,4241.9$10,080$19,2481.9
Troy University$11,110$20,8601.9$11,308$21,5081.9
University of Alabama$10,780$29,2302.7$10,780$29,2302.7
University of Alabama at Birmingham$10,710$24,6302.3$10,800$24,7202.3
University of Alabama in Huntsville$10,714$22,3622.1$11,214$24,1862.2
University of Montevallo$12,760$25,7802.0$11,604$23,1962.0
University of North Alabama$10,370$18,6801.8$9,356$17,1801.8
University of South Alabama$10,070$19,9402.0$10,808$21,4162.0
University of West Alabama$10,040$18,4901.8$9,284$18,1882.0

SOURCE: Alabama Commission on Higher Education Annual Tuition and Fee Schedule.
NOTE: Tuition amounts are based on undergraduate load of 30 credit hours and graduate load of 24 credit hours, or a per term amount reported by the institution.
Required Fees include all fixed sum charges that are required of all students. Other specific surcharges and fees may be required for certain programs.