Online Registration

1. Click on Athens State Online on the home page
2. Enter University ID (Athens State generated ID number)
3. Enter PIN as assigned to you – 6 digits

You will be prompted to change your PIN to a different 6-digit PIN (maximum 15 digits)
If you have forgotten your PIN Enter your ID and click forgot PIN.

4. You will be asked to make up a security question and a one word answer

The Security question is up to you- state a question only you can answer for future PIN resets.

5. Click on Student Information
6. Click on Register for Classes
7. Register/Drop/Add Classes
8. Select Term

Defaults to current term
Click on Submit

9. Add/Drop Classes

Add 5 digit CRN numbers to boxes. The CRN is the 5 digit number beside the course title in the schedule.

10. Click on Submit Changes
11. Screen shows your registered courses.
12. To print copy of class schedule, go back several screens to the Register/Drop/Add Classes page.
13. Click on either Student Schedule by Day & Time or View Student Detail Schedule.
14. Click on View Student Detail Schedule and then on View Fee Assessment for a summary of tuition & fees.
15. You are now registered for your classes. Please EXIT out of your student account.