Donna Coleman – Athens State University

donna-colemanAt the time I attended Athens State, I was a single mother and employed full-time at Intergraph Corporation. One of the things I appreciated most about Athens was the evening and weekend class offerings. I was able to arrange class schedules around work and my son’s visitation with his father which helped me finish my education while maintaining a good life balance.

I transferred to Athens State from Calhoun Community College where I had obtained an Associates in Applied Science degree in Data Processing with a minor in Accounting. I chose the Bachelor of Science in General Studies at Athens simply to provide a good overarching course of study and to expedite graduation. I augmented the degree with Computer Science electives and then in later years added Marketing and Management continuing education studies from UAH.

After 15 years of working my way up in large corporations in technical, management and marketing positions, I decided to use these combined skills to start my own government contracting business. I founded Aetos Systems, Inc. in early 2007 as an IT and Engineering services company.

The breadth and variety of the Athens class offerings coupled with my work experience allowed me to build both Business and Technical experience that I use daily as the owner of Aetos.

With this experience I am able to communicate well with our customers, understanding their technical challenges, as well as assisting them in analyzing the business case surrounding the technical decision. I apply this same analytical thought process to the daily business activities of Aetos.

There is no doubt in my mind that without the influence of Athens State, I would have never felt capable enough or prepared enough to embark on becoming an entrepreneur.