Hannah Esch

hannah-eschI came to Athens State in 2012 and only knew a couple of people on campus. I transferred from Calhoun Community college and was involved with the Ambassador program there and knew I wanted to become involved in that as well with Athens State. I ran for the Head Athenian position and to my surprise was voted for it. I had little leadership skills at the time and had pushed myself to opening new doors and expanding those skills. The sponsors, Trish Di Lullo and Chelsea Love, were very supportive and helped me to reach beyond what I even thought was my potential. I used those skills to apply for various positions out in the community and ultimately landed a position with Highlands Medical Center in Scottsboro as the Marketing Coordinator.

I also received scholarships from the Alumni and Foundation departments and because of those blessings, I was able to graduate from Athens State with my school paid for. The staff members and advisors at Athens State are more of a family to me than acquaintances. I will forever be grateful for the experience and guidance I had while attending Athens State.