Judith Lea

judith-leaAfter earning an Associates degree from Northeast Alabama Community College I was encouraged by administration to continue my education at Athens State.

With the help of Dr. Bridgette Chandler, Dr. Debra Baird, and Dr. Denver Betts I earned my Bachelors Degree from Athens State University in Education in 2006.

I was employed at Northeast with an opportunity to apply for an upcoming position that would require a Bachelors Degree. With the help of Athens State I was able to earn my degree in one year and apply for the job. While I did not receive that job I was then encouraged by the faculty and staff at Athens to continue on to Troy University and earn my Masters Degree; which I did. Another job then became available at Northeast which I applied for, and this time, with a Masters degree, I did receive the job. I am currently the Director of Technology Learning at Northeast Alabama Community College where I manage the student learning lab as well as the colleges Learning Management System and conduct technology training for faculty and staff.

I am grateful for the care and commitment Athens State had for me and continues to have for their/our students.

I say our because I am also an adjunct instructor at Athens State.