Men of Kennis – DeWayne G.

DeWayne G.

What Men of Kennis Means to Me:

I would like to acknowledge how grateful I am to this program for allowing me to return to school. I am studying Elementary Education K-6. Upon completion of my studies, I will be the first one of my mother’s children to earn a bachelor’s degree. My mother is a wonderful lady who, despite her limited education, encouraged us to do our best in school. While I did not always heed my mother’s advice, I am grateful to have another opportunity to do my best in school. Obtaining this degree will give me the opportunity to provide positive impact in my community. It will allow me to work with children of all backgrounds in the public education system. This will not only help students of color, but it will help all students. It will further demonstrate that men of color, along with all men, are of a great value to our communities as well as our nation. Having the opportunity to receive this free education, says there are others who also believe that together we can all make a difference!

DeWayne is a member of Men of Kennis, a grant funded scholarship program designed to increase the number of men of color teaching in classrooms across Alabama.

Men of Kennis

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