Michael Kalil

I began my educational journey at Athens State when I transferred in the Logistics Program in the summer of 2012 and graduated in the May 2013. Since graduating with my undergrad degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management I decided that I would continue that journey and pursue a Executive MBA which I earned in December 2014 from the University of North Alabama.

The coursework that I completed at Athens State laid the foundation for my continued success during my educational pursuits. Understandably, being successful requires a great deal of commitment and focus from the student but also requires a strong effort from the instructors. One such instructor that really encouraged/enabled me to be successful was Dr. Pieplow. He probably doesn’t realize the impact that he, himself, had on me by just being honest with me with the quality of the first paper that I ever submitted at Athens State. His constructive criticism on that assignment allowed me to understand quickly the quality standards expected from students at that level.

Since graduating with my EMBA I have landed a role as Sales Manager with Ornametals Manufacturing in Cullman, AL. This role is more inline with the degrees that I have than jobs that I have held in the past. I have only been in the role for a few days at this point; but so far so good. I am hopeful that I will be an asset to this organization as they continue to grow.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share my story and I hope that in the future I will continue to be successful thanks to the education and guidance that Athens State University instilled in me.