Paige Hill Green

PaigeGreenAs I was entering into my third year of college and trying to figure out where I wanted to go to get my degree in Elementary Education, I would ask around and everyone would tell me, “You need to go to Athens State University!” I listened to all that told me that it would be a great place for me to be able to work full-time and still go to school.

I had several great teachers while at Athens State University that led me to where I am today! Dr. Mary Harris in the Elementary Education Department is one whom I still look to for advice even though I have been graduated for over a year now, she still has the time to email me back. I loved being a part of the Athens State University family.

I made a lot of great friends in my two years there. They are friends that I will keep for a lifetime. As far as my success with my degree, Athens State prepared me to be the teacher that I am today. I was blessed to have been put in a local school to intern and then once I graduated in May, I was hired on as a Fifth Grade teacher in June.

Still today, I am teaching and loving on my babies, just as my professors mentored me and loved on me. It has been great knowing that I was prepared and ready for a career as soon as I graduated.

Enjoy your time at Athens State and make new friends because you never know when that one friend you made becomes one of your best friends for life. My success story is not over yet…the best is yet to come! Dream BIG!