Regina Kyle

All of my life I have longed for a higher education. In high school, I didn’t do well due to obstacles at home. I did not go to college after graduation, but instead opted for getting a job. This was out of necessity, rather than want. Fast forward a few years and I would start community college at age 26. I only made it one semester before discovering that being a single mom, having a job, and going to school was too much to handle. I had to let something go, and unfortunately that was school. In 2009 at age 34, I made my mind up- it was now or never. I began slowly, and eventually increased my classes and credit hours, finally graduating in 2013. That was a huge accomplishment for me.

Since I was already in the mode, I applied for Athens State. I was extremely excited about furthering my education. I started Athens State in the fall of 2013 with eager eyes and a hunger for learning. I also wanted to be as involved as I could and gain the most from my college experience. First, I joined the Student Government Association (SGA). This was a very valuable experience for me. I met people, served the college at functions, and learned about what Athens State really means to other students. During my time with SGA, I was talking with the advisor (Tena Bullington) at one of our meetings and explaining that I needed a scholarship. She said, “I think I have the perfect thing for you.” She then offered me the Editor position for The Athenian, Athens State’s newspaper. I was very nervous taking this position, but Tena encouraged me and was there for me. Having that opportunity proved to be one of the best things to happen to me at Athens State, and I am very thankful for the chance to show some of my creativity.

I was also asked to serve as president for Delta Mu Delta. This was an absolute honor to me. I am so thankful for the advisors who saw the drive in me and asked me to serve.

I also signed up to be an Athenian Ambassador. This experience was very humbling. To be able to show others around Athens State and tell them all the wonderful things that they had to look forward to, made me excited and happy.

In the spring of 2015, just as I was getting ready to graduate, I got very sick. I had just made it past mid-terms. I was unable to do some of the work that other students were doing, but, I had a few awesome instructors that worked with me so that I could graduate. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a major in Management of Technology and a minor in Enterprise Systems Management. Athens State will always be the best experience that I have encountered in my educational endeavors. I would encourage anyone who is looking to further their education to consider Athens State. You will not be disappointed!

I plan to take all of my knowledge gained at Athens State and apply it to a future career. I would like to say thank you to some of the people who had a special part in my success at Athens State: Tena Bullington, Dr. Lisa Rich, Dr. Wayne McCain, Dr. Mike Haghighi, Dr. Laura Kerner, Dr. Kimberly Bell and Dr. Kimberly Roberts, you will never know how much your involvement has impacted my life. Athens State will always hold a very special place in my heart.