Victoria Lucas Griggs

vgriggsI was born and raised right here in Limestone County by Charles and Margaret Lucas, both Limestone County natives as well. I have an older brother named Julius Lucas, and a younger brother Charles Lucas, III. Our parents raised us in a loving Christian home in Tanner, AL. Our parents always instilled hard work and determination into our character. Unexpectedly, our Father passed when we were only 6, 10, and 12. Our Mother, along with the help of our family, friends, and later coaches continued to nurture and encourage us to be our very best. It was through watching my Mother handle our family finances after the passing of my Father that I found my curiosity in finances.

I participated in basketball, volleyball, and track among various other clubs and associations throughout middle and high school at Tanner High School (only 2 years of track). I think one of my major defining moments in high school was the year I decided to take my first Accounting class my junior year. Most would say either you love it or you hate. Well, I loved it! Growing up I had changed my “what I want to be when I grow up” several times, but once I took that class, I knew I had found my calling but did not quite know how it would fit into everything. I went on to graduate from Tanner High School with a 4.0 GPA May 2005, and went on to Northwest Shoals Community College to pursue my Accounting degree by way of a basketball scholarship. I will be honest, now, and say that I really didn’t have a strong desire to play basketball at the collegiate level because I had played so much since I was ten years old including traveling all over the Southeast United States playing Summer ball (greatly appreciated the experiences and coaches who shaped my character and life), but I was an Accounting major. I knew the numbers! Either go to college for free, or come out with a mountain of debt! I took the scholarship of course! I balanced going to school, playing basketball, participating in Phi Theta Kappa, working through the Work-Study Program, and working part-time at Cato’s here in Athens, AL (where I worked for a total of 6 years).

I graduated from Northwest Shoals in May 2007, and transferred to Athens State to continue my pursuit for an Accounting. I loved being able to be right at home! I was a member and officer of the Accounting Club, a graduate of the Leading Edge Institute, and a model for Athens State’s billboards and other advertisements. I graduated August of 2009.

Since graduation, I worked from August of 2009 until February of 2011 at First Commercial Bank of Huntsville, and I currently work at the USDA’s Farm Service Agency (only until May 1, 2014). In between all of that, I met my awesome husband Anthony Griggs, whom I married March 24, 2012 on Athens State’s campus. We have also welcomed a daughter, Love’ Nicole in September 2011 and a son Anthony, III in October 2013.

Now, I have the awesome privilege to work with Primerica Financial Services along with my husband and business partner Anthony. As of May 1st, I will be a full-time entrepreneur providing services to help families alter and better their financial futures. I will be fulfilling that calling that became so apparent to me back when I was a junior in high school. Anthony and I are also working with the leaders of our church, The Fellowship of Faith Church in Huntsville, AL to help develop a financial ministry to serve our fellow church members and surrounding communities. Some might say that I am a success because I have accomplished that difficult task of getting an education, finding a career path that actually resembles my course of study, and mingling that with my true passion, but I say that I am a success in progress. I am a success when I can inspire others to strive for greatness. I am a success when I can share wisdom that was passed along to me. I am a success when my children understand the meaning of hard work and determination just like my parents instilled within me. I am a success when I can fulfill my Christian duty to spread love and joy through everything I do.

Thank you Athens State for your part in helping shape my past, present, and future.

Victoria (Lucas) Griggs