William King

william-kingWhen I got out of the Army in 1983 I was not sure what I wanted to do. I attended Calhoun for several years and had a lot of credits. The decision to move to an institution of higher learning was imminent. Since I was working at a business locally, I thought that Business Administration was the way I should go. I attended Faulkner University and got a BA in Business. It was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After a few years I remembered an aptitude test I had taken at Calhoun. The number one result for a career that fit my interest and talents was education administration. I searched for the best programs around and Athens State stood out. The program was excellent. The price was right. The varied delivery of classes gave the options and convenience needed while working full time. I received my degree in Social Science Education and went to work immediately at the school where I had done my internship. Athens State helped me with my certification. The teaching program prepared me for the classroom and for a career in education. I have worked in Madison County Schools and Huntsville City. I believe that the content that I received at Athens State has helped me reach the current status of Social Science Department Chair as well as IBCP Coordinator at Columbia High School. I am also working on my principal certification at Jacksonville State. The foundation I received at Athens State made it possible.