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For now, we’ve all had to adjust to a new normal. Schools have transitioned into an online format, businesses are having to make significant adjustments to their business models, and unfortunately, many are experiencing job loss. When things get tough and times may seem uncertain, Athens State University is here to help.


Short-term programs can help you find a job, get a promotion, or earn more money in your current position. Listed below are a few options that can be completed rather quickly and help you prepare for what’s next.

With no application fee for summer students, getting started is easy! Just fill out the contact form to the right and let us know what you are interested in. We’ll be in touch soon!


Micro-credentials are digital certifications that verify, validate, and attest an individual’s competence in a specific skill or set of skills. They differ from traditional degrees and certificates in that they are generally offered in shorter or more flexible timespans and tend to be more narrowly focused. Micro-credentials provide a pathway to personalizing and recognizing professional learning and allow employers to verify the skills their employees demonstrate, regardless of where and how they learned them.

Forensic Accounting Badge
Complete this summer in 10 weeks!
AC 451 (Forensic Accounting I) & AC 452 (Forensic Accounting II)
As financial fraud is on the rise, there is an increased need for professionals with a solid understanding of forensic accounting. Earning the Forensic Accounting Badge demonstrates a solid comprehension of forensic accounting concepts including fraud, accounting crimes, careers, ethics in accounting, litigation, interrogation, evidence, and related topics.
Federal Tax Accounting Badge
Complete this summer in 10 weeks!
AC 361 (Federal Tax Accounting I) & AC 362 (Federal Tax Accounting II)
The Federal Tax Accounting Badge is geared to help finance and accounting professionals navigate the complex world of federal taxation. Earning this badge demonstrates knowledge of federal tax laws and regulations applicable to individuals, sole proprietors, corporations, and partnerships, along with the practical application of the federal income tax laws by preparing various tax return forms.
QuickBooks Certification
Complete this summer in 10 weeks!
AC 441 (Special Topics in Accounting)
Achieve instant credibility and impress employers with a QuickBooks Certification. This one-course program will help you develop your QuickBooks skills and enable you to tackle even the most difficult QuickBooks challenges. No matter where you are in your career, we make it easy to get comfortable with QuickBooks accounting and develop skills that will transform your career.
IBM Cybersecurity Practitioner Badge
Complete this summer in 10 weeks!
IAM 413 – Information Assurance Systems & Product Acquisition
Through validated Cybersecurity instructor-led training, students will acquire the skills and understanding of Cybersecurity concepts and technologies. They will demonstrate proficiency and knowledge of Cybersecurity technical topics and design thinking. The badge earner will gain the ability to apply the concepts and technology to design and develop a Cybersecurity solution prototype that applies to real-world Cybersecurity scenarios.


A certificate program is a series of courses providing in-depth study of a specific subject area or topic, allowing learners to gain the most up-to-date skills and information needed to excel in a chosen career field or transition to a new one. These programs can typically be completed within a short timeframe and can provide immediate benefits in a competitive job market.

Early Childhood Teacher Assistant Certificate
Complete the entire certificate this summer in 10 weeks!

Interested in being a teacher’s aide? Earn the Early Childhood Teacher Assistant Certificate this summer! By taking just three courses, your career path can lead to a position such as an Auxiliary Teacher in a Pre-K program and/or Child Development Associate (CDA).

Only three courses are required for completion:

  • ER 309 Early Brain Development
  • ER 310 Principles of Early Childhood Education
  • ER 318 Literature in Early Childhood Education

Information Security Certificate
Do you have a computer science background and are looking to shift your focus to information security or cybersecurity? Are you currently studying computer science but would like to have an upper-hand in cybersecurity? Enroll in our Information Security Certificate and gain the knowledge to begin your preparation for the Security+ Certification.

The Information Security Certificate at Athens State University is designed for learners who have a background in computer science or information technology who need additional training in the field of cybersecurity. Courses in the certificate program require the student to have a basic understanding of computer science and information technology with coursework or experience at the level of students who have completed a course in Data Structures.

Only five courses are required for completion:

  • ITE 409* Network Security (offered fall semesters)
  • ITE 420* Fundamentals of Information Security (offered spring & summer semesters)
  • ITE 421* Digital Forensics (offered fall semesters)
  • CS 454* System Security Management (offered spring semesters)
  • CS 484* Applied Cryptography (offered summer semesters)
    *Prerequisites may apply

Health Care Administration Certificate
Due largely to the changing demographics associated with an aging population, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that health care occupations will experience an 18% growth over the next ten years, adding more jobs than any other occupation group. This predicted growth should add about 2.4 million new jobs to the health care workforce. Because of this growth, significantly more entry- to mid-level leadership and administrative health care positions will be needed.

The Health Care Administration Certificate is designed to prepare students for leadership and administrative positions in the health-care industry. It is a four-course program designed to prepare allied health practitioners with the administrative skill set needed for entry- to mid-level leadership and administrative positions in a variety of health-care settings. The four-course certificate program consists of coursework that is currently being offered in the Health Science Major: Health Care Administration Option.

Only four courses are required for completion:

  • HS 355 Health Policy in the United States (offered summer & fall semesters)
  • HS 380 Essentials of Health Care Finance (offered fall semesters)
  • HS 455 Health Care Administration Internship (offered spring semesters) OR HCM 340 Introduction to Health Care Systems
  • HS 481 Health Care Quality Assurance, Risk Management & Utilization Review (offered summer semesters)

Child Advocacy Studies Certificate
Athens State University’s Child Advocacy Studies Training program focuses on developing learners’ understanding of the various factors that lead to child maltreatment and existing responses to incidents of child maltreatment so they may work more effectively within various systems and institutions that respond to these incidents. Students will learn about the various disciplinary responses to child maltreatment and will develop a multi-disciplinary understanding of the most effective responses. Learners completing the courses in this program will be better equipped to carry out the work of various agencies and systems (health care, criminal justice, social services) as they advocate on behalf of the needs of children as victims and survivors of child abuse.

Only four courses are required for completion:

  • CA 301 Perspectives on Child Maltreatment & Child Advocacy
  • CA 302 Global Child Advocacy Issues
  • CA 401 Child Advocacy II: Professional & System Responses to Child Maltreatment
  • CA 402 Mock Cases and Simulation Practicum (one semester credit hour)

Accounting Certificate
Athens State University’s Accounting Certificate explores the fundamentals of accounting and the essential role it plays in a company’s business operations. This certificate can provide students with preparation for entry-level jobs in accounting or can provide non-accounting professionals with an overview of accounting principles and how they interact with other organizational units.

Only five courses are required for completion:

  • AC 305 Fundamentals of Accounting I
  • AC 306 Fundamentals of Accounting II
  • AC 315 Managerial Accounting
  • AC 321 Intermediate Accounting I
  • AC 322 Intermediate Accounting II

Acquisition and Contract Management Certificate
The Acquisition and Contract Management Certificate allows students to gain knowledge of the acquisition and contracting processes to include the purchasing of goods and services, pricing, negotiating of contracts, administration of contracts, contract law, and responsibilities from contract award to termination of the contract.

Only five courses are required for completion:

  • ACM 394 Introduction to Acquisition and Contract Management
  • ACM 395 Acquisition and Contract Management Pricing
  • ACM 396 Acquisition and Contract Management Administration
  • ACM 397 Acquisition and Contract Management Negotiations
  • ACM 398 Government Contract Law

Human Resource Management Certificate
Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets – the people working who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the business objectives. HRM is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people, such as recruiting, hiring, compensation, performance management, organizational development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. The Human Resource Management Certificate provides an overview of human resources, allowing career advancement or professional development within any business or organizational setting.

Only five courses are required for completion:

  • MG 349 Human Resource Management
    (If you are a current HR professional or have at least one year of experience in HR, you can substitute this course for a second specialization/concentration course listed below.)
  • MG 410 Employment Law for Business
  • MG 411 Compensation and Benefits
  • MG 449 Advanced Human Resource Management
  • Specialization/Concentration – choose one from below:
    • MG 351 Labor/Relations Management
    • MG 450 Strategic HR Competencies & Professional Certification
    • MG 470 Performance Management in Organizations

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate
Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a field of study of supply chain networks that organizations use to acquire, produce, and deliver goods and services all over the world. In the Logistics and Supply Chain Management certificate program, students will learn how to plan and forecast demand for products and services and gain an understanding of operations involving the movement of materials from raw materials for production to providing the finished product to the end consumer.

Only five courses are required for completion:

  • LSM 301 Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • LSM 320 Logistics and Distribution
  • LSM 330 Logistics and SCM in the Global Environment
  • LSM 401 Logistics and Supply Chain Integration Techniques
  • LSM 410 Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy

Marketing Certificate
Marketing, a fast-growing field for fast-thinking professionals, is critical to an organization maintaining and expanding its share of the market. Whether you want to work in marketing or better understand marketing concepts, the Marketing Certificate program can help you build the knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement marketing plans while cultivating a holistic understanding of how marketing engages with other business disciplines.

Only five courses are required for completion:

  • MK 331 Marketing Principles (or BUS 285 Principles of Marketing)
  • MK 335 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MK 337 Digital Marketing
  • MK 431 Marketing Research
  • MK 433 Marketing Strategies and Policies

Project Management Certificate
Whether you desire to move into a project management role or want to master real-world project management skills to advance in your current position, our Project Management Certificate can give you the skills needed to provide significant value to any organization. In this program, you’ll learn strategies for scheduling and planning projects in various workplace environments, estimation and control techniques, and best practices for project communication, management, and leadership.

Only five courses are required for completion:

  • MG 353 Project Management
  • MG 357 Project Detailed Scheduling and Planning
  • MG 358 Project Initiation and Scope Management
  • MG 405 Project Cost Control and Earned Value Management
  • MG 413 Project Communication, Management, and Leadership


Athens State offers many different professional development and personal enrichment opportunities. We offer courses that can help you build your resume and advance your career, along with those that can help expand knowledge on a topic you are interested in.

Professional Development Opportunities
Offered through the Athens State University Center for Lifelong Learning (These programs are non-credit, meaning they won’t transfer to a degree program.)

Leadership Certificate Series
Complete the certificate this summer!
Become a more effective leader, manager, or supervisor through practical, skill-based learning. Develop leadership skills that can benefit you both professionally and personally by enhancing your knowledge of communication, collaboration, ethics, strategic planning, and innovation.

Biblical Leadership Certificate
Complete the certificate this summer!
Apply new leadership skills and principles to your ministry and everyday life. This certificate equips you to lead in church while assessing cultural ministry settings and challenges.

Time Management Certificate
Complete the certificate this summer!
Do you feel overwhelmed by a growing list of tasks? Do you have back-to-back workdays being busy but are no closer to completing important projects? In this program, you’ll learn ways to take control of your workload by setting priorities and eliminating common obstacles that stand in the way of increased efficiency and productivity.

Soft Skills Certificate
Complete the certificate this summer!
The key to getting (and keeping) a good job is about more than technical training. It’s about how well you communicate, work in a team, manage conflict, and exhibit a professional attitude. These are considered “soft skills,” and employers look for these qualities when hiring someone. This certificate program will train you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, communicate with constituents, manage conflict, define ethics and values, work effectively as a team, manage stress appropriately, and improve overall self-motivation and professionalism.

Front-Line Supervisor Certificate
Complete the certificate this summer!
Learn the essential skills needed to analyze business problems using quantitative and qualitative management techniques and apply effective leadership strategies for guiding and developing team members.

First-Time Manager Certificate
Complete the certificate this summer!
The First-Time Manager Certificate allows learners to receive the necessary tools, skills, and training to become effective leaders who can foster engaged, productive direct reports and drive greater results for organizations.

Excel Skills for Business
Complete this summer!
Learn how to navigate the Microsoft Excel user interface, perform basic calculations with formulas and functions, professionally format spreadsheets, and create visualizations of data through charts and graphs.

Navigating Social Media/Digital Marketing Certificate
Complete the certificate this summer!
As technology evolves, marketing strategies must adapt to maintain relevance and competitiveness. This certificate program will provide an overview of digital marketing concepts and practical tools that can help increase efficiency within any organizational setting, with a special emphasis on social media.

Personal Enrichment Opportunities
Offered through the Athens State University Center for Lifelong Learning

  • Virtual Trip to Israel
  • Virtual Trip to Iceland
  • Yoga

Interested in taking a course this summer? The courses listed below may be of interest for professional development or personal enrichment purposes!

Arts & Sciences
AR 313 Portrait Drawing & Painting
Students will use a variety of media to develop skills in portraiture.

AR 331 Advanced Photography
Advanced theory and practice in pre-and post-production photography with an emphasis on experimentation with the newest software and hardware related to technologies in the digital photography field in pre and post-production of images. Students critique, justify, and present choices in the process from conceptualized image to finished artwork. Students utilize various tools and methods to experiment with many aesthetic styles including knowledge of various art historical and contemporary ideas in photography. Professional processes and safety issues related to materials processes is emphasized.

BI 320 Human Nutrition & BI 320L Human Nutrition Lab
This course explores nutrition within the context of human biology. Emphasis is on the relationship between the various classes of nutrients and their biological role in health, growth, development, and disease prevention.

CS 310 – Professional Ethics of Computing (1 semester hour)
This course is an applied introduction to the ethical problems faced by computer scientists, professional codes of ethics in computing, legal issues involved in technology, and the social implications of computing and other digital technologies.

DR 332 Adaptation and the Arts

Many plays, musicals, and television shows are adapted from other literary, dramatic, and artistic sources. This colloquium will Athens State University 2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 252 examine and compare source material such as novels, and short stories adapted into plays, films, and other representational forms.

EH 303 Journalism I
This course is a study and practical experience with journalistic principles, processes, and practices of the news media, utilizing media outlets both in schools and in the community with special emphasis on work with school publications.

EH 311 Drama Production
This course covers the study and practical experience in producing, acting, and directing, or otherwise active participation in stagecraft in school or community theatre. An opportunity exists for qualified students to study with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival Theatre.

EH 414 History of the English Language
This course looks at the development of American English from early and medieval British beginnings to the current linguistic standards and variations. It is designed to increase ease of use, vocabulary, and appreciation of the English language. Analytical writing is required.

EH 431 Poetry and Poetics
This course is a critical study of the major poems in English and American literature with an emphasis on language, forms, themes, poetic theory, analysis, interpretation, and explication. Both, oral and written analyses are required.

HS 320 Biomedical Ethics
The course is designed to create a greater understanding of modern ethical issues in the biomedical field. Key topics will include research on human and animal subjects, stem-cell research, genetic engineering, abortion, euthanasia, issues of justice, healthcare access, and confidentiality. The course begins with an overview of ethical theory and principle and then explores the practical issues relating to biomedical ethics.

 HU 317 Beginning German Conversation and Culture I
This course is designed for students with no previous expertise in German and is intended to enable the student to recognize and speak German in a practical manner. Emphasis is given to the language skills necessary for conducting business and successful mobility in German-speaking countries or communities.

HWM 355 Health-Related Fitness and Nutrition
This course deals with the development of cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, nutrition, and appropriate body composition as these elements contribute to health-related fitness. The course also provides the student with the opportunity to participate in an exercise program that emphasizes cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.

ITE 301 Problem Solving with Computers
This course is designed to strengthen student’s grounding in common computer terminology and applications. Students with minimal skills will learn to enhance their personal productivity and problem-solving skills by applying information technologies to problem situations and by designing and using small information systems for individuals and groups. The course will be conducted through lecture, in-class computing laboratories, and out-of-class assigned problems and projects.

RE 309 The Bible and Its Influence
The Bible and Its Influence is an overview of the story of the Bible and the influence the Bible has had in shaping western culture. This course will provide a survey of the biblical story. The influence of the Bible on western culture in art, history, music, and literature will be explored. The course also introduces a historical-metaphorical approach to reading the Bible.

AC 305 Fundamentals of Accounting I
This course provides an introduction to the financial accounting concepts, procedures and reporting practices. Emphasis is placed on the elements of the accounting cycle for service and merchandising enterprises.

EC 310 Modern Economics
A macro examination of the operation of modern economic systems including price determination, aggregate demand and supply theory, public policy options, and the philosophical foundations of free market and command systems.

GBA 301 Windows Applications for Business
An examination of the many uses for windows applications in the modern business setting. Emphasis given to a “hands-on approach” of assessing the usage of personal computers for preparing spreadsheets, managing files, word processing, and graphics.

LSM 301 Introduction to Logistics & Supply Chain Management
This course provides the student with an overview of logistics and supply chain management concepts from the acquisition process to the provision of the end product or service to the consumer. These concepts include forecasting and integrating models of procurement, transportation, warehousing, materials handling and storage, global logistics, and information systems and strategy throughout the supply chain.

LSM 353 Project Management
An examination of the use of critical path method (CPM) and Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) on project planning and control.

MG 302 Management Information Systems
An examination of the role of information systems in organizations and how they relate to the objectives and structure of an organization. Emphasis is given to providing a broad overview of the information system management function.

MG 303 Management Decision Support Systems
An analysis of the nature of the decision making process and an examination of support systems. Instruction will emphasize an advanced application of spreadsheet and database management software.

MG 320 Organizational Communication
The purpose of this course is to enhance the student’s ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in the workplace. Assignments, exercises, and projects emphasize locating and evaluating relevant information, and communicating through writing, listening, reading, and speaking. Research, group collaboration, and intercultural communication skills are stressed in assignments and demonstrated in projects.

MG 346 Principles of Management & Leadership
An introductory course that explores both the underlying theory and the practical application of management practices and organizational development. In addition to the basic management functions, the course deals with ethical questions, international competition, leadership, and other issues stemming from management’s relationship with its increasingly complex legal, social, and competitive environment.

MG 349 Human Resources Management
A study of the technical functions of HRM. Emphasis is on their application to programs that foster employee commitment to objectives in a competitive, global economy. The course will explore challenges facing the HRM professional, as well as specific focus on the role of managers in the administration of HR activities. The challenges include technical functions such as recruitment and selection, training and development, design, administration of compensation and benefits plans, collective bargaining, and initiatives like quality-of-work life programs. The ways in which HRM works toward organizational goals in a time of rapid change will also be examined.

MK 331 Marketing Principles
This course is a study of the forces operating, institutions employed, and methods followed in the flow of goods and services from production to consumption.

MK 335 Integrated Marketing Communications
This course covers the communication process model and how to orchestrate an effective marketing message through the process. It describes the different delivery platforms and how to assure that the marketing message remains consistent regardless of the communication platform used. The completion of a project communication plan is a part of this course.

CE 322 Basic Principles of ELL Education
A course designed to provide all educators the fundamental theories and knowledge about second language acquisition, with an emphasis on instructional methods for teaching English language learners.

ER 310 Principles of Early Childhood Education
This course is designed to provide prospective teachers of young children with the historical, theoretical, and practical issues of early childhood education. Emphasis is on early childhood philosophical and sociological foundations, facets of development, principles of learning, trends and issues, and program models.

ED 301 Introduction to Teaching
Introduction to Teaching introduces prospective teachers as well as other education students to the teaching profession. This course encourages students to think more deeply, more broadly, and more systematically about what teaching is, what teachers do, and whether teaching is an appropriate career choice for them. In the course, students will develop research and theory-based views of teaching practices, various contexts of teaching and teachers, and contemporary issues related to teacher education.

ED 305 Technology & Media in Education
This course will examine the transformative effect technology is having on society and schools, as well as the implications these changes have for teaching and learning. Students will explore the use of technology in schools, including meeting students’ needs and wants, educational equity and challenges for using technology creatively in public school classrooms. As pre-service teachers learn to integrate technology into teaching and to produce educationally sound, technology-based, communication and instructional materials, the ethical, legal, and pedagogical issues related to technology will be emphasized.

HPE 323 Aquatics & First Aid/CPR/AED
A course dealing with the analysis of movement involved in the performance of a variety of aquatics and lifesaving techniques. This course provides training in the procedures of administering first aid and CPR. American Red Cross Certification is awarded for the successful completion of this course.

Want to learn about a topic for personal enrichment or academic exploration purposes? Consider auditing a course! You can audit a course at Athens State University for non-credit purposes and pay half the applicable tuition!

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