Preparing For Your Major – Athens State University


Athens State University has three components to each major:

  1. General Education Requirements (Gen. Eds.)
  2. Major Prerequisite Courses (Pre-Professional)
  3. Professional Courses

All requirements in these components must be met to complete your degree at Athens State. These requirements are listed in the university catalog under each major. The Gen. Eds. and Pre-Professional courses are your basic freshman and sophomore courses. Generally, these courses should be completed before transferring to Athens State and could be prerequisites for the professional courses. Please consult with a Transfer Counselor or your faculty advisor to be sure these requirements are met.


After your application has been processed, the Transfer Student Success Center (TSSC) will assign you a faculty advisor in your major area. This information can be accessed through Athens State Online and Degree Works. Also, an email will be sent to your Athens State email account. A copy of your official transcripts must be received by the Admissions Office to move ahead with this process.

TSSC Responsibilities

  • Answer questions in the Gen. Ed. area
  • Help with a first semester schedule
  • Assign faculty advisors
  • Help with general questions about the University
  • Help direct students to appropriate resources on campus

Faculty Advisor’s Responsibilities

  • Answer questions about the major and the Pre-professional area
  • Advise what courses to take each semester
  • Make sure the General University Requirements are met for graduation
  • Advise when courses are offered
  • Advise the minor requirements if applicable
  • Help the student prepare for graduate school or a specific career path
  • Update DegreeWorks

Student Responsibilities

  • Schedule appointment or make contact with your faculty advisor each semester
  • Ask questions if you have a specific concern
  • Connect and network with faculty in your major area
  • Organize documents so you may access them when needed
  • Become knowledgeable about your major requirements, policies and procedures
  • Utilize resources and services on campus to help you graduate in a timely manner