Schedule an Appointment

How to Schedule an Appointment

Step one: Register, if you are a first-time visitor, or log in to our scheduling service WCOnline.

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Registering is easy! Fill out the form, then log in on the next screen. You must use your school email account and you can create any password. You will use these two things to log into our scheduling calendar.

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For the email options, leave all as yes.

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Step Two: Choose an appointment time
Once you are logged in, you will then see a screen with dates, times, and the names of consultants who can meet with you. A white space indicates an available time, and appointments can be made for 30 or 60 minutes. An online session must be made for 60 minutes. For more information about sessions, please see our F.A.Q.s page (link) or How to Join your Session (link).

Please note, that the Graduate Writing Specialist times are for graduate students only (link to grad tab).

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STEP Three: Schedule your appointment.
To schedule an appointment, click on any white box and wait for a new window to “pop up.”

Schedule - Step 3

This appointment screen gathers important information for your session. Please fill out every section to the best of your ability.

All online appointments must be scheduled for one hour to account for technical issues, but you are welcome to use less of that time if your session finishes early. In addition, all online appointments are “synchronous”— meaning that you meet with the person in real time. Online sessions are conducted via web camera or chat. If there are technical difficulties, we can also conduct a session by phone.

Graduate students also have the option of email tutoring. Email tutoring information

Click SAVE APPOINTMENT when all required fields are complete and you are ready to schedule the appointment.

Step Four: Attach a file (recommended, but not required).
There are two ways to attach a file for your appointment.

Right after you schedule your appointment, a confirmation window will appear that tells you that you successfully made an appointment. (Most people close the confirmation window without noticing the link.) To attach a file, click on the link in the pop-up.

Schedule - Step 4a

Another way to attach a file is to click the yellow folder icon on the top, left-hand side of the Online Schedule screen (under your name). This option will allow you to attach a file to any appointment you have made.

Schedule - Step 4b

After clicking on the yellow folder icon, another pop-up box will appear. Follow the instructions.

Schedule - Step 4c

Including an attachment is not required, but it may improve the quality of your session. The consultant will review your file before you arrive if their schedule allows, but he or she may not always have time to read it before your appointment. Also, in the case of technical difficulties, you can email your file to .

Step Five: Join Your Appointment

See Join Your Appointment for information on how to join your online or face-to-face session.

If you have any questions or issues when scheduling an appointment, you can call: 256-216-6665 or email: . During unstaffed hours, please allow time until the Writing Center re-opens to receive a response to a voicemail or email.