Active Minds
Active Minds empowers students to change the perception about mental health on college campuses. Active Minds supports a network of campus-based chapters across the United States and Canada that consist of students passionate about mental health advocacy and education. Chapter goals are to educate peers about mental health, connect students to resources, and change negative perceptions about mental health disorders. The chapter is open to all students.  Contact information:  Dr. Vanessa Miller at or Lisa Philippart, LPC, DCC at .

Alpha Kappa Delta
Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society, seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition. Members must be Sociology majors or minors, rank in the top 35% of their class, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in sociology courses taken, and have completed at least four sociology courses.  Contact Dr. James Gadberry for more information:  or (256) 233-6539.

Art Club
Are you looking for new and exciting activities to be involved with? We invite you to join the art club! The art club is open to art and non art majors and is sponsored by Gail Bergeron, Assistant Professor of Art. Meetings are held once a week on Tuesdays at 12:30 in room 16 of McCandless.

Behavioral Science Club
The purpose of this organization is to provide students interested in the social sciences an avenue for expanding their knowledge in psychology, sociology and behavioral science while providing a sense of identity for the majors.  Students are afforded opportunities for professional development, intellectual discussions of social issues, and exploration of applied aspects of the field.  Contact Dr. James Gadberry for more information:  or (256) 233-6539.

Criminal Justice Student Association
Members of the CJSA are undergraduate students and alumni who are studying criminal justice or who are considered credible practitioners in the criminal justice field and are affiliated with Athens State University. All members must maintain high standards, and exemplary moral and ethical behavior. For more information contact Dr. Quanda Stevenson by email or call (256) 233-6515.

Club Website

Fellowship of Religious and Philosophical Studies (FORPS)
This group is made up of current students, former students, instructors of religion and philosophy, and other interested persons. It helps promote the serious study of religion and philosophy.

Health and Science Career Club
The purpose of the Health and Science Career Club is to promote interest in the field of science, provide educational and training opportunities in the health and science fields, and provide opportunities for participation in co-operative and volunteer work in health and science professions. The Club sponsors group hikes, presentations, tours of facilities, and community service activities. For more information contact Dr. Larry Covick by email or call (256) 233-6521 or Dr. Sara Cline by email or call (256) 233-6507.

Kappa Mu Epsilon
In 1935, the Alabama Alpha Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society was formed.  It is among the oldest continuing and active chapters in the United States.  Each academic year mathematics majors who have maintained standards of scholarship, have professional merit and have attained mathematical academic distinction are invited to join Athens State’s historical Alpha chapter.  For more information about our local chapter, click here.  Information about the national organization may be found at

Kappa Pi

Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society promotes artistic excellence at the collegiate level and beyond by maintaining high academic excellence.  Kappa recognizes deserving artists and those interested in and supportive of the arts at Athens State University. ​

Contact Mary Beth Johns for more information:  or (256) 260-4291.

Students majoring in any discipline, and especially those majoring in mathematics or computer science are encouraged to participate in the Math and Computer Science (MACS) Club.  Traditionally, the club members assist with one of the largest music festivals held in the Southeast hosted by Athens State, raise funds to contribute to worthwhile causes and aspire to raise awareness of the importance of mathematics.  Occasionally, MACS members enjoy group visits to local industries or space flight agencies. Some Athens State students participate as student members of the Mathematical Association of America or the Alabama Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.

Phi Alpha Theta
Phi Alpha Theta, the International Honor Society in History was founded in 1921. We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of History through the encouragement of research, good teachings, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among Historians. We seek to bring students, teachers and writers of History together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist Historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.

Pi Gamma Mu
Pi Gamma Mu is the International Honor Society in Social Sciences and it encourages excellence in the social sciences. Junior, seniors, and graduate students become eligible to join when they meet the following criteria: upper 35% of the class, a grade average of “B” or better, and 20 semester hours in social science courses. The society not only provides recognition for scholastic achievements, but also offers enrichment opportunities through service projects, publications, scholarships and lectureship grants.  For more information contact: Dr. Harry Joiner at (256) 233-6529 or .

Pre-Law Society
The Athens State University Pre-Law Society is a student group for those who are interested in attending law school or just wondering what it is like to be a lawyer. The Pre-Law Society conducts meetings and events throughout the year focused on the law school admissions process, preparation for the LSAT, and the general experience of being a practicing attorney. For more information contact: Dr. Jeff Blankenship at (256) 233-6510 or .

Pre-Law Society Webpage

Psi Chi
Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, whose purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology. Membership is open to Psychology and Behavioral Science majors or minors who have completed two semesters (with minimum of 12 hours overall) at Athens State University, completed 9 hours of Psychology at Athens State University, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in Psychology or higher and top 35% of class (3.37 GPA). Contact Dr. Janet Dorning at or Dr. Susan Owen at .

Sigma Tau Delta
Sigma Tau Delta is the National English Honor Society. Its purpose is to brevet distinction upon undergraduates, graduates, and scholars in Academia, as well as upon professional writers who have realized accomplishments in linguistic or literary realms of the English language.

Theta Alpha Kappa
Theta Alpha Kappa, the National Honor Society for Religion and Theology, is dedicated to recognizing academic excellence in baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students and in scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology. Induction requires nomination by a local chapter and, to be eligible, students must have a 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies and/or Theology and a 3.0 GPA overall.  Residency, class ranking, and unit requirements must also be met.  Contact Dr. Tony Moyers for more information: or (256) 233-6514.