Formed in 1982, the Athens State University Foundation has served as a vehicle for donors seeking to provide financial support for the University and the students we serve in a manner consistent with the mission and goals of both entities. The Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law. We are managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and staffed by University employees.

While state appropriations and tuition provide a base for University operations, the work of the Foundation is to support our students through scholarships, and the institution through funding initiatives that fall beyond the scope of base revenues. Donor intent is paramount with regard to all decisions supporting the success of our students. Whether your gift is cash or cash equivalents, in-kind, or a planned gift that will provide benefits at some future time, we are happy to discuss with you all of your alternatives and how your gift would be most beneficial, both to you and the institution.

For more information about the Foundation please contact us at (256) 233-8215 or via email at

Mr. Tim Lovelace: President

Dr. Keith Ferguson: Secretary/Treasurer, Ex-Officio

Mr. Jeffrey Abbot: Class of ’88

Mr. Fred Bickley, III

Ms. Donna Coleman: President-Elect, Class of ’92

Mr. Richard Chittam: Past President, Class of ’73

Mr. Tommy Coblentz

Ms. Simone Calvert: Class of ’99

Dr. Joe Delap: Ex-Officio

Ms. Naomi DuBois: Past President, Class of ’80

Dr. Mike Essary

Mr. Jerry Evans: Past President

Ms. Kathy Garrett: Class of ’81

Mr. Bill Hopkins: Class of ’90

Mr. Mark Jackson

Ms. Betty Ruth-Oliver: Ex-Officio, Class of ’82

Ms. Lisa Payne: Class of ’86

Ms. U’Meeka Smith: Class of ’03

Mr. Joseph Southers: Class of ’03

Dr. Philip Way: Ex-Officio

Mr. Andy Whitt

Hon. Charles Woodroof