Founders Hall

Athens Forever

The Bicentennial Celebration

As the current caretakers of this historic institution, made possible by the dreams of those early few, we are responsible for ensuring that the story continues.

With your support, we can honor the University’s vibrant past with an even brighter future, strengthening our commitment to students as we enter our third century as an institution of higher learning. We invite you to become a part of “Athens Forever” and help us build this foundation.

Please begin that journey by visiting our Athens Forever website. There you will find compelling videos of the history of the University, alumni stories, and historic places on campus, along with links for students, alumni, and donors. There are many ways in which you may support the University as part of our fundraising campaign associated with our Bicentennial Celebration. We are happy to discuss with you giving opportunities or simply answer any questions you might have related to the Celebration or Campaign.

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