Meet Your Enrollment Advisor

Helen Crider Photo

Helen Crider

Wallace State Center Manager / Communications Plan Manager
  • Phone:256-352-8090 Phone:256-352-8090
  • Department:Office of Enrollment and Student Services
  • Office:

    Computer Science Building Room 10
    Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 5 pm
    Friday: 8 am – 2 pm

Sarah Ellis Photo

Sarah Ellis

Enrollment Advisor/Recruiter
Frank Eskridge Photo

Frank Eskridge

Assistant Director of Admissions for Recruiting
Amner Martinez Photo

Amber Martinez

Enrollment Advisor/Recruiter
Celia Venable Photo

Celia Venable

Enrollment Advisor/Recruiter
Rodney Stevens Photo

Rodney Stevens

Manager, Redstone Arsenal Center
Carolyn Carthen

Carolyn Carthen

Veterans Educational Assistance Advisor, Veterans Affairs

Admissions Office Staff

Alyson Mosely Photo

Alyson Mosely

Enrollment Welcome Center Assistant
Penny Roberts Photo

Penny Roberts

Senior Admissions Operations Officer
Ashley Miller Photo

Ashley Miller

Director of Admissions