Praxis II Update

Due to changes mandated by the Alabama State Department of Education, students will no longer be required to successfully pass the Content Praxis tests or Reading Praxis Tests before TEP admission. Students must still pass the Praxis Core Basic Skills Test prior to TEP admission, but the additional content Praxis tests must only be successfully passed prior to internship. The Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) may no longer be required for those completing the edTPA portfolio assessment during Internship beginning Fall 2018.

Additionally, the passing cut score for all Praxis tests (excluding Praxis Core) is increasing effective September 1, 2018 and will be based on your TEP admission date. If you are admitted into TEP prior to September 1, 2018, any test already passed with the previous scores will be accepted for four (4) years. If you are admitted into TEP on or after September 1, 2018, ALL tests will need to be passed at the new higher score.

Please contact your advisor for more information about Praxis required scores and/or if you have questions.

New GPA Requirements increase to 2.75

Beginning Fall 2016 GPA Requirements for College of Education program majors:
Overall GPA 2.75, Professional Studies GPA 2.75, Teaching Field GPA 2.75

Beginning Fall 2016 GPA Requirements for College of Arts and Science programs with a minor in Education:
Overall GPA 2.75, Professional Studies GPA 2.75, Teaching Field GPA 2.75

Early Childhood Special Education Minor

Our Early Childhood Special Education Minor is designed to provide pre-service teachers with the evidence to support the position that early interventions can make a difference that can last a lifetime. The main focus of the curriculum is designed to benefit all children, including those with disabilities and developmental delays. An integrated, developmentally appropriate, universally designed curriculum framework is flexible, comprehensive, and directly linked to assessment and program evaluation activities. This curriculum framework will help ensure successful access that will facilitate participation and the learning of ALL children and support of their families regardless of need, ability, or background.

The Early Childhood Special Education Minor is for pre-service students who enjoy working in diverse classroom environments providing support for young children (Pre-K – 3rd grade) as individuals and as members of families, cultures, and communities. They will learn to use strategies to support a child’s development, full participation in natural settings, and the establishment of collaborative, supportive partnerships with families and colleagues since a greater number of children will be served in inclusive environments.

Complete and submit a Change of Major/Minor Form to the Records Office. To complete this Minor only 18 hours of specified course work are required.  Program details are located on the back of this flyer. This minor does not provide certification in the area of early childhood or special education.

For more information

Dr. Debbie Keiley at