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The mission of the Athens State University Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association is to support the people, programs, and priorities of the Phi Theta Kappa Society. Through alumni support, the integrity of the Society’s programs and service will be protected and new programs and services can be developed and offered in the future.

Students may join this organization as transfer students who are Phi Theta Kappa members (prior membership and induction is required). Phi Theta Kappa alumni members lead, mentor, and promote Phi Theta Kappa in leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service initiatives aimed at assisting community college transfer students in achieving academic and professional goals.


  • To provide aid to transfer students’ social and educational adjustment to the rigors of Athens State University life
  • To provide assistance to the Office of Recruitment and Transfer/Advising Center
  • To build awareness of the quality of the transfer students
  • To work to ensure the continued academic excellence of Phi Theta Kappa members


  • Stay abreast of Phi Theta Kappa programs and people through publications
  • Provide recognition to outstanding two-year college members and advisors
  • Assist two-year college chapters by providing speakers for programs
  • Provide support for two-year chapter members to attend regional and international events and meetings
  • Encourage businesses to provide funds and supplies to support two-year chapters
  • Work in collaborative activities with the two-year chapters to support the college and the North Alabama community
  • Support the Society’s two-year programs and people by contributing to Phi Theta Kappa’s scholarship and special funds
  • Serve as mentors to two-year chapter members preparing to transfer to Athens State University or enter the workforce
  • Encourage the establishment of Phi Theta Kappa designated scholarships at Athens State University
  • Provide programs and materials designed to ease members transfer from the two-year college to Athens State
  • Provide other assistance when appropriate

Membership Application


Once admitted to Athens State University, you may apply for scholarships to help you on your educational journey.

For more information, contact:

Katherine Kandalec Holm Photo

Katherine Holm, EdD

Interim Dean, College of Education & Associate Professor
Amner Martinez Photo

Amber Martinez

Assistant Director of Admissions/Recruiting