Meet Diana

Diana Holt Ashworth

Meet Diana Holt Ashworth, a 2022 graduate from the College of Business. Diana obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a minor in accounting and currently works as a cost accountant and labor analyst for NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center.

Holt Ashworth has two children that were the catalyst for her to finish her degree at Athens State.

“As a newly single mom, I found myself in the workplace without a career path that could sustain us,” she shared. “I looked at my kids and thought, ‘I have got to do something better.’”

Holt Ashworth searched for a university that provided affordability and flexibility as she sought to complete her degree. Both of which are matters that we pride ourselves in at Athens State. Beyond affordability and flexibility, which most consider paramount, an education at Athens State sets students up for success in the workplace. Holt Ashworth shared that she personally knew Athens State alumni who are all thriving in their career fields, which gave her the confidence she needed to start classes at Athens State.

“I was not a traditional student,” said Holt Ashworth. “The flexibility that online classes provided me as a single mom was significant because I could still go to school without having to leave my home.”

 While Holt Ashworth was an online student, her courses maintained a personal touch. She commented that her professors were engaged and committed to the success of their students. Additionally, in-person requirements like group projects helped grow her ability to work with a team which would prove to be a necessary skill in the workplace.

“My overall competency levels across general business functions such as accounting, procurement, logistics, management, and marketing have made me well rounded with a good working knowledge of how these functions integrate,” said Holt Ashworth. “This allowed me to begin my role in accounting at NASA and immediately provide valuable and relevant input.”

Holt Ashworth shared that she uses the skills she learned at Athens State every day in her career. She said that she would not be where she is today without Athens State and hopes to come back to earn her masters degree! We look forward to welcoming her back, when the time comes!

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